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Welcome to the first Imperial Colony at World's Edge

In her divine wisdom, Empress Iweko I sent support to the Ivory Kingdoms, thwarting a war which might have destroyed the Ivory Kingdoms. As thanks, Rokugan has been gifted an island rich in jade, but far from the Empire's shores. The first colonial settlers have struggled to build a small village with death and danger from all sides, but after two years, and a two successive waves of colonists, the small harbour town of Iweko's Light has taken form. From it's docks massive cargo ships now carry the precious jade to the Empire where it is needed most.

It seems to many that the colony can only grow and grow from here. Yet, while the colony is stable, it is a stability that has been buttressed only through the sacrifice of many Samurai, and will only last if that sacrifice is continued. Outside the turbulent if now understood region that the Emerald Empire built it's first colony, strange foreigners claim the rest of the Island, some friendly others hostile, all beyond the light of the Empress. Thus brave Samurai must now go out to meet them, and determine the path forward, even as a single slip can see the colony embroiled in a war the likes of which it cannot survive.

However, it is not only external threats which lay in wait. Far from the lands of their ancestors, vice and adaptability war with honour and tradition inside of it, how much can you bend before you break? And if you do, what place is there for you?

Brave bushi, cunning courtier, sagacious shugenja, mystic monk and nefarious ninja all have a chance to make their own place here; to survive and thrive at the edge of the known world. Which ever path you choose, you will be tested both within and without, as the Emerald Empire struggles to claim a land that has never known the light of the Founding kami.

In the end, the words of Shinsei hold true, the truest judge is oneself, how will you be judged?

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