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The Colonial Administration

As the colony grows, so too do the duties of maintaining order within its walls. The offices of the administration cover a wide variety of duties within the colony, all of them overseen by the governor. Everyone has their part to play, and a multitude of different offices within the bureaucracy help to organize the samurai's duties according to areas of expertise and needs of the colony.

Buildings and housing have replaced the tent villages, though there have been few efforts by way of roads, which has led to a growing mire of mud throughout the streets. With the gonin-gumi layout partially in use, and taxation and local legal charter still under debate, the colony's building has spread into Honor's Spring, and now there's need to begin expanding the administrative duties.

With offices centered in the Governor's Estate, things can often get a bit crowded– particularly when the elegant Office of Culture encounters muddy surveyors from the Office of City Planning or when sweaty bushi tromp into the Office of Records to ask for information about the latest spirit animal plaguing the heimin. Yet with hard work from the samurai in their newly-appointed duties, there have been great strides taken towards getting the colony organized and orderly and built up.

Of course, with the monsoon arriving, these duties will more and more encompass ensuring the survival of the colonial population.

Members of the Colonial Administration

Office of Agriculture

Office of Arts and Culture

Office of City Planning

Office of Emergency

Office of the Magistrate

Office of Records and Research

Office of Spiritual Welfare

Office of Trade


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