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Protected to a certain degree by the bay, the settlement is built upon the lowlands at the base of a mountain range. Sloping moderately downhill from the north west, with a significant drop off leading towards the beach. To the dismay of many, the sands are a dark grey almost black shade. Disappointing for those expecting white beaches and picturesque views. Forming the southern border of the settlement is the river, the lowest point in the landscape.

As the mountains curve around the settlement, it feels as it the jungle is looming over the settlement from all sides. Tall mountain peaks dwarf the colony, and you feel isolated. Those more paranoid among you might feel watched, with plenty of places where the mountains form cliffs and escarpments for prying eyes to view you from.

With the jungle cut away, impressive soils suitable for most crops are discovered. The volcanic region making for a dark organic rich medium to work with. The farmers among you (heimin and Sparrow Clan, I’m looking at you!) will be very excited, back home only a few places can boast such bountiful soils.

The most obvious downside to this is that apart from many of the temperamental plant varieties from Rokugan, everything loves to grow. Each season the heimin are forced to keep up with the eternal struggle to pull weeds from the fields. If there is open ground, and enough sun and water (which…there is, unless it’s the top of a smooth rock with no pores for water to sit it) then a plant will grow. The jungle always try to reclaim what was taken.

Surrounding the settlement is a rather dilapidated wall. Vertical logs strapped together, buried several feet into the ground and points sharpened to look more ominous than they really are. After the recent monsoon however, in two main sections the wall has been torn down by mud and debris. The gap is wide enough for several samurai to stand proudly side by side in Heavy Armor. It is more than wide enough for the island’s wildlife to sneak in from time to time.

For island map, click here.

Imperial Quarter

[11] - Shrine to the Jade Sun

[12-15] - Colony Storehouses


Storehouse [12] - Leaks

Storehouse [13] - Sinking

Storehouse [14] - Mold

Storehouse [15] - Mildew

[16]- Workshop and Forge

Access to Workshop and Forge: You have been given limited access to this Forge and Workshop. Restricted by available FBA's per week, you have been granted permission to utilise it for single days (read: projects that can be completed in one day or less). It is a busy colony even in its infancy and there are many craftsmen wanting to be productive. Until Clans establish their own infrastructure you are at the whim of the Governor's goodwill.

Should a project usually take longer that this, you may raise to reduce the time to allow for the projects completion within the daily allotment. If a project take less than one day, Batch Rules apply.

However, once per season you can work on a larger project but while that is happening you cannot use the workshop for any other projects.

[17] - Governor’s Estate

The Governor's Estate is more like a traditional samurai estate back home. A main building, with several rooms, a kitchen and meeting area and some rocks arrange like a garden. It is by far one of the better looked after buildings, and has one of the nicest views of the beach. Pity about that Market…and the heimin camps…and the smell of the Fishermen's Market district.

Clan Holdings

Comprises of:

Dormitory Housing - See Character Lifestyle levels for description

Single Storehouse - Capable of Storing Clan supplies for six months

Delegation Heads Apartment - Can be within Dormitory building, or a secondary two room apartment off to one side (DH choice).

[1] - Unicorn Clan

Building Condition: Several sections of water ruined floorboards strain underfoot, many having broken through from wood rot.

[2] - Dragon Clan

Building Condition: Fleas, a mild infestation enough to cause even a meditating Abbot to scratch.

[3] - Crane Clan

Building Condition: You can see the beauty of the full moon, through a large hole in the roof.

[4] - Lion Clan

Building Condition: Surprise, this holding comes with mold. It inhabits the walls in several sections.

[5] - Scorpion Clan

Building Condition: Even a venomous stinger would have trouble dealing with this little mouse problem.

[6] - Phoenix Clan

Building Condition: Much like the topography, one side of the holding has sunk, causing it to tilt to one side a little.

[7] - Crab Clan

Building Condition: It’s like morning all the time, and majority of any paper or fabric is constantly damp from mildew/condensation due to bad ventilation.

[8] - Minor Clan Alliance

Building Condition: Just like the Dragon you are plagued by a mild infestation of fleas.

[9] - Mantis Clan

Building Condition: In the middle of your holdings, a large hole in the floor gives you a lovely view of the mud below.

Important Features

[10] - Shrine to Ebisu

Built in the southern heimin camp, a small Shrine to Ebisu can be found. It is the second of two established shrines in the entire Settlement, the other being a Shrine to the Jade Sun built in the Imperial Quarter.

Ebisu is the Fortune of Honest Work, and one of the Seven Fortunes. His most favored subjects are that of the peasant class. To him they work far harder than any of the other mortals and for virtually no reward. It is no wonder that the heimin decided that he would be the one they prayed to. For protection, guidance, and strength.

[18] - Magistrates Office

A three-room building with a small office in the rear for the Magistrate. The largest room serves as a bullpen, with desks crammed everywhere, but the samurai doshin must still share desk space. Most of the legal files and casework are housed in the last room, as well as overflow of the desks and the precious teapot that supplies energy to those working there. The flooding from the monsoon has left a terrible case of mold in some of the wood, and the floor sags ominously in several places.

Next door, an old boathouse with a powerful reek of mildew serves as a holding area for prisoners. An old rowboat with holes in the bottom serves in place of a stockade. The whole structure tilts towards the sea as the sand at the east side of the foundation gives way.

[19] - Imperial Guard House

The ruins of the previous Guard House, still visibly protruding from where the monsoon sucked it into the swamp is a continual reminder of the difficult conditions for all who work out of the Imperial Guard House. The new building is slightly more sturdy, comprising two large rooms, and a small office. Both are spartan, with the basic comforts and somehow always seem stuffy. Even with the sound of the river, it’s like the wind just doesn’t want to cool this part of the land.

Built on higher firmer ground, it serves its function to a minimal capacity. It will often be plagued by mosquitoes when the sun goes down, and flies during the day. The flooding in this area was extensive, and even after six months the ground in spots is spongy with moisture. All around the Guard House are puddles that have yet to evaporate or absorb half a year later.

The path leading into the heart of the colony is filled with a thick black mud during the monsoon season, only forming a solid surface during the dry season. Why build here you might ask, with understandable concern?

The Southern Wall and Gate, outfitted with a small watchtower (nothing more than a platform on a stand on) is by far the most dangerous of positions. To the north and west the mountain ranges form a natural, difficult to cross boundary. But to the south the river winds around the mountains, with enough room for patrols, and armies to travel down. Across the river are wide expanses of untamed jungles, untouched by the samurai. This is where the enemy is likely to come from. Even so, the North and Western Gates are watched with vigilance.

Other Locations

Fisherman’s Market

This name is probably premature, but just use your imagination! Its sure to take off something fierce.

In truth it is no more than a scattering of heimin, ronin or samurai selling their catch or trading it for necessary items. Welcome to the barter system. Set up within tent stalls the atmosphere can be rather tense at times. Both in terms of room available, and resources grabbing.

The colony has access to a certain number of canoes and small fishing boats, built by the first wave. However large scale commercial fishing has yet to be developed. Each fish will have been speared, hooked or netted by hand somewhere in the waters of the colony. Some freshwater fish can be found, though they are rare and often caught further up river where the Imperial Guard cannot ensure their safety. It is a pleasant change to the majority of saltwater fish available, but are you willing to pay for the luxury?

North Market

The stall further up the beach are more, upmarket? Though decidedly less so that the Governor would like. Individual tents rather than shared ones allow for a certain feeling of ownership and space. Away from the seafood markets, at least you can enjoy the smell of…well anything but fish. Heimin probably. Or just the waves. You can find a limited assortment of fruit and vegetables at an inflated price, and trinkets. Unique rocks from the island, crystals that lack magical properties, fragments of jade fished from the river, and various items produced by the settlements artists and craftsmen. Do you need a new kimono? Can you afford it? What about another fan, it’s awfully hot…they might have one!


The docks are basic, simple raised sections built upon posts that extend out into the bay far enough to allow the docking of a vessel one at a time. Ferry craft moving supplies from the anchored ships that waited in line. This slowed down unloading of resources significantly and has drawn the attention of almost everyone. It is an inconvenience to wait so long after such an arduous voyage.

One ship has made itself a permanent (for now) home anchored off the docks, a Mantis ship by the name of Yuiko’s Honor. Throughout the day a ferry craft travels back and forth to it, allowing samurai to visit the Clan’s newly arrived leader.

Heimin Camps

Scattered across several raised embankments, away from the quagmire of stagnant swamp that has claimed several of the buildings from the initial wave, heimin tent camps are prominent landmarks. Towards the north the land rises, and the terrain is less drenched. Here there is no protection from the ocean storms and winds. Sometimes this is a blessing, the humid days cooled by a salty breeze. More often than not it is a curse, chilling winds uprooting tents and causing chaos.

Tracks (not yet even roads) created from a constant back and forth movement of peasant workers are muddy in these camps. Carved into the ground from wear and tear they often fill with water, becoming a breeding ground for insects and creepy crawlies. Even though the jungle has been cleared, even now new shoots and saplings try to take root. Needing to be cleared away often, it is far too common to find a weed growing under one’s bedroll.

Though there are enough tents to house all the heimin, conditions are far from expected. Four to six peasants share each tent, they have no privacy so to speak of, and no room to stretch out at night. Snoring neighbours can invite tired wrath, and nerves are wearing thin. Should improvements not be made soon, disease will once again spread…more heimin will die. Tempers will flare up and a riot could be on the Governor’s hands.

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