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Exploration Sphere

“Good, you're here. Welcome to the Imperial Guard House, such as it is. I'm Akodo Takeshi, captain of the guard. No doubt you have a lot of questions, like what are my duties? Who is my commanding officer? And what is that ticking noise? The ticking noise is from our Advisor on Spiritual Welfare, Agasha Masuyo. If you have questions about the spirit realms, or anything like that, ask her.

“Right now, I'm your commanding officer along with Imperial Cartographer Ide Shouhei. Assuming things go well, we'll get things sorted out and expand operations, but as it is? This is pretty much it. If I'm not around ask Ide-san. If neither of us are around, ask Agasha-san. If none of us are, well, make your farewells and prepare for the world to burn.

“Yes, I know it doesn't look like much, but we have plans to expand, which brings us to your duties. You've all been granted the honour of being the tip of the spear for this colony. That makes it your job to go out into that jungle, chart it, and report back what you find in order to let the Governor know what's out there. I'm not going to lie, some of you, maybe many of you, will die. The jungle is hostile to civilization, and as to the gaijin that are here, we know nothing about them beyond the fact that they exist. That said there is a wealth of knowledge that we need to know, sitting out there, and it's your job to find it. Your successes or failures are what will make this colony thrive or die. In addition to traipsing around to Fortunes know where, you’ll also be expected to protect this colony from external threats. This will be done in patrols, punitive military expeditions…that sort of thing. Again, your success at this is vital. We will protect the colony, even if I have to spend every last one of our lives to do so, understood?

Good. With all that said welcome to the squad.”

Nikutai (Status 2)

Dai-Hohei (Status 1.5)

Hohei (Status 1)

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