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Colony Timeline



Things that happened on the the Second Great Fleet's voyage to the colony

Season 1

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Things that happened outside

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Meanwhile, in the Empire

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With the new arrivals comes new events to keep up on.

Kaiu Iemasa the Kaiu daiymo has surprisingly taken a Kitsuki Reika as a bride, and the two are already expecting the birth of their first child. It's not entirely clear how they met, but the famous gossips of Toshi Ranbo believe that it was arranged by Benten-no-kami when the Dragon sent a delegation to the Kaiu for advice on castle building. More far sighted heads wonder why the Dragon would want to fortify their positions…

Less surprising is that Hida Kuon has also taken a bride, Hiruma Endo Shioni, grand-daughter of Kaiu Endo. The two are expecting, much to the relief of, well, everyone in the Crab.

Within the Crane there seems to be great excitement as a Kakita Tomomo has won the Turquoise championship, rumour has it that Doji Domotai is considering the young artisan as a possible match for her son. Although other rumours insist that the Crane Champion has her sights on an Imperial family.

The Daidoji have petitioned for and been granted the right to build a new castle near the narrows of Three Stone River. The Mantis are less than impressed at what they call 'blatant aggression against neutral shipping'

The Dragon Clan are happy with the birth of a second son to their Champion.

The Tamori are also happy to say that they have rebuilt Shiro Tamori even better. How no one's quite sure, perhaps that marriage with the Crab had something to do with it?

Akodo Shinjiro has reportedly been married to a Horiuchi Aimi, first cousin of the Horiuchi Daimyo in order to ensure a peace between the Unicorn and the Lion. While surprising Shinjiro is said to have actually smiled when he saw Aimi the first time. The Unicorn and Lion wait to see if the union bears fruit.

To the Lion Clan much honour has been granted as Ikoma Hirotano is appointed the Amethyst Champion after the sudden death of Yoritomo Yoyonagi. While not the coveted position of Shogun, Ikoma Hagio has said 'Better some victory then none at all'

Kitsune Toshitaka has retired from the position of Kitsune family daimyo. In his place is a young daughter that he hidden from the world until now. Kitsune Hinata is reported to be very beautiful, but also very argumentative, time will tell how she handles being the daimyo of the Kitsune.

Yoritomo Hiromi has married an Agasha Izumi the niece of the Agasha daimyo, apparently in pursuit of closer ties with the last naval clan in Rokugan, and to smooth over the lingering tensions between the Phoenix and Mantis. While Hiromi has done his duty to provide Izumi with child, the two seem distant in public.

The Elemental Council welcomes Isawa Tsukune to the position of Master of Earth, after the unfortunate disappearance of Isawa Emori somewhere in the depths of Shinomen Mori.

The Shiba have commissioned a new shipyard along their coast: while the expense will be great, the burden is lessened somewhat by the support of the Mantis.

Bayushi Paneki and Bayushi no Toturi Miyako are happy to report the birth of twins.

Shosuro Toson has resigned his position as daimyo of that august family. In his place Shosuro Aroru has been appointed. The cat masked samurai says that he hopes for good relations with those who border his new lands.

The Unicorn have, by their own reckoning, fully recovered from the Winter of Red Snow. This impression is reinforced by their decision to send a large force into the Burning Sands, apparently in fulfilment of their obligation to prevent any of the factions there from becoming too powerful. The Unicorn claim success, but details are sparse- and, the subject being uncomfortably gaijin, most Rokugani are content not to press further.

In the aftermath of the expedition, rumours begin to circulate that the Unicorn forces discovered some living Ki-Rin, and may have brought them back to Rokugan. The Unicorn leadership makes no official proclamations, possibly to prevent the other Clans from demanding to test the claim, but nor does it issue any formal denial of the rumours.

The Minor Clan Alliance continues to struggle together as they begin to entertain a round of betrothals to tie them closer to each other.

The ascension of one of their own to the Emerald Championship prompts a mixed reaction among the Minor Clans. Although most Minor Clan samurai are proud of the achievement, many daimyo look with apprehension to an expected period of increased scrutiny and resistance from the Great Clans.

The Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen was found assassinated along the road to Toshi Ranbo from the City of Rich Frog. Who or what did it is unknown, and hard to determine as Jimen had many, many, many, enemies. As required a new Emerald Tournament was held, and surprisingly, one Ichiro Kazuki won against all comers. Kazuki is said to be very interested in who killed his predecessor.

The Empire resounds with joyous news, Her Divine Majesty has given birth to a son, her presumed heir. The Princess Seika is said to be very happy to have a little brother.

Season 2

Exploration Sphere

Things that happened outside

Colonial Affairs Sphere

things that happened inside

Meanwhile, in the Empire

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The Crab Clan have welcomed into the world two young children. The Kaiu and Hida lines of succession are considered mostly secured. With a young Kaiu Akane being born in the spring and Hida Tako coming along in the summer. While the Crab do not practice child betrothals, there are more than a few already laying wagers on the two eventually getting together.

However, that ray of light is sorely needed by the Crab as the Battle of Earthquake Fish bay pushed them to their limits against the Sea of Shadows where a new oni has emerged to lead the forces of Jigoku. This battle pressed the Crab to their limits and almost exhausted their Jade stocks, but the new Colony seems to be making up for it now. At least the Crab can claim victory this time.

In stunning news for the Crane. Kakita Noritoshi has been assassinated by forces unknown. While the Emerald Champion believes this is connected to the assassination of the former Emerald Champion and rival of Noritoshi, there is as of yet no one accused for either crime. Noritoshi’s son Kakita Ikura, the Songbird of the Crane, has been granted his father’s seat.

Despite the shock that rocked the Crane Clan, the Daidoji have begun work on a new castle on the banks of the Drowned Merchant River, much to the dismay of the Mantis, and surprisingly the Phoenix, who find it needlessly provocative.

The Dragon report that the the infamous traitor Chosai has been killed during an attempted assault on Shiro Tamori in the dead of winter with a picked band of Yobanjin exiles. It appears now that the Crab investment was the result of excellent foresight.

The famed Kitsuki Investigators have reportedly begun to collaborate with some select Kuni Witch Hunters on a special project.

Surprising everyone Matsu Kenji has stepped down as daimyo of the Matsu, retiring to be a simple monk of Bishamon. Her daughter, Matsu Chizuka has ascended as the new daimyo of the Matsu. However she has yet to be offered the position of Rikugunshokan of the First Matsu Army by the Lion Champion…

Despite the loss of Kenji, the Lion Clan rejoices at the birth of the Lion Champion’s heir apparent. Shinjiro has reportedly named him Tetsu for now. Already some say he is blessed by Bishamon-no-kami himself.

Kitsune Hinata has settled in nicely as the daimyo of the Kitsune, and has entertained a number of suitors for her hand. The current front-runners are the debonair second cousin of Doji Domotai, Doji Matsuhiro, and the more rough and ready Shinjo Jun-Han, a cousin of Shinjo Min-hee. Time will tell who she’ll choose.

The Mantis are overjoyed to see that Agasha Izumi again gives birth to a child of the Yoritomo. Whispered rumors about a massive fight between Izumi and Hiromi are dismissed as malicious gossip. Still whatever happened the two seem to get along better with their infant daughter Mina and toddler son, Yori.

Working hard to catch up to speed. Isawa Tsukune has made himself amongst the most eligible bachelors in the Empire…if only he could be found. Rumors have him in places as far apart from each other as Far Traveller Castle and Shinden Asahina. It’s reckoned someone will manage to convince his parents to approve a marriage without his consent soon…but who or how he’ll take it is up in the air.

The Shiba are proud to announce that they’ve laid down a new sengokubune. Yet to be christened, the new ship is slated to be named after Shiba Ujimitsu in some fashion.

Bayushi Paneki has reportedly commissioned a grand new temple to Bishamon, albeit unlikely to rival Bishamon Seido. (Lest a mortal insult be given to the Lion). The Scorpion seek to placate the wrath of Bishamon-no-kami so he may lift the curse on their lands.

The Yogo have denied all reports that one of their own went rogue, and indeed there is no evidence for it beyond there being a new valley in the Spine of the World…but rumors persist.

To the great dismay of her admirers, Shinjo Min-hee has wed the brother of the Marta vassal family daimyo, binding the one vassal family the Shinjo retain ever closer to the main family.

The Iuchi report that there are a greater number of children born with the gift to speak to the kami this year but have not publicly ventured any theories as to why.

The Minor Clan Alliance has begun a round of betrothals to bind them tighter together. Mostly cousins, they currently look to the colony at the moment as they have gambled much of the future of the Alliance on it paying off…

The Sparrow are happy to report a bumper crop this year, but few care.

Ichiro Kazuki, Emerald Champion has worked like a madman to restore the damage done to the reputation of the office by his predecessor. However, while he believes that Shosuro Jimen and Kakita Noritoshi’s deaths are connected, he has not said why yet.

The Otomo have put on a splendid winter court this year, culminating in the Empress herself announcing that Princess Seika will be betrothed to Otomo Taneji’s son, Teru. Many are wondering if this places the princess out of succession as it hasn’t formally been announced.


You know the drill

The year of 1183 goes by quickly. The rains come and go, but better prepared, Iweko’s Light doesn’t seem to flicker. The colony sees the arrival of the Third Wave of samurai and heimin, with numbers that would have overwhelmed but months before. The new arrivals find themselves welcomed and put to good use. The governor happily announces that due to the hard work and determination of everyone, that no longer will Samurai have to act like merchants watching every cubit of resources. Indeed, marriages seem to have come nearly every week in the colony as the concern about being able to support children has led to a lifting of that particular ban.

To the south, Crab help lead the expansion. While they have not managed to build up a fort, their fortifications help provide a sense of security to the colony. In fact, solid, reassuring walls circle much of the settled areas of the colony, allowing heimin to sleep better at night.

Within the settlement, changes small and great also lead to a much improved quality of life. The Minor Clans work together to build, rebuild, and refine drainage systems and waste removal. While more subtle than a wall, the air is lighter and disease becomes far less prevalent due to their efforts.

Owing in part to the improved access to clean spaces and water, the Crane manage to erect a bathhouse that brings much relief to heimin and samurai alike. The structure is impressive, given the scant amount of time for such a work, and all who see it feel comforted by a seeming sliver of the homes they left behind.

The Dragon spent the year looking beyond the main settlement, and possibly beyond sense, and build up an alternate path to Honor’s Spring. Many question the value of an alternate route, but the obstacles and surprises littered throughout prove to be quite the talk of the town. What the Dragon hope to represent a spiritual journey becomes a popular proving ground for the young and the bold who wish to test themselves against the Dragon’s ingenuity and engineering.

Just beyond, at Honor’s Spring, the Lion learn from their past loss, and fortify the area against any potential threats–be they gaijin or from the angry forces of nature. Calling on their best, and the brightest engineers to be had, Honor’s Spring’s fortifications set the bar for future construction in the inhospitable areas yet to be claimed. Many heimin and samurai preferred to weather the worst of the monsoons in what is seen as the safest area of the island, even without the comforts to be had at the main settlement.

The Mantis take the year to build up food supplies. Through clever trade deals and encouraging local agriculture, hunger no longer haunts the people of Iweko’s Light. Their generosity is not unnoticed by the people, and Mantis businesses are often the preferred choice of many as the clan’s name is repeated over meals.

The people also find a surprising ally in the Scorpion, whose efforts to maintain law and order seem to have some success. Public crime falls under their watchful eyes, and the masked clan is seen with something akin to trust in their ability to keep things safe. In private, the new influx of people and increased trade have lead to a quieter sort of crime. How the Scorpion will handle the inevitable clashes to come is unknown, but they can at least rely on the support of the public should it be needed.

The Phoenix have benefited from the more quiet goings on as they explore within and beyond the city, building up a reputation for safely storing away dangerous gaijin artifacts, and educating the public in a newly built museum of sorts. Rumors abound about all manner of strange things being held in locked away rooms, but the Phoenix brush off such concerns, offering up all manner of oddities to focus the attentions of the easily distracted.

The Unicorn find the new wave of samurai to be helpful, as they bring livestock from the mainland. Their persistence and care for all manner of beasts pay off in a good breeding season, and a new generation of cattle and swine. Rumors abound that some of the milk and meat go toward feeding even their samurai, but no one speaks too loudly of it, as many of the new roads were helped along by hoofprints.

Indeed, due to the Unicorn working with other clans, the ways in and out of the colony are far smoother and more plentiful. Sandal makers see a dip in business as replacements become less necessary, but the uptick in more expensive purchases quickly make up for it.

The wave men of the island also find new fortunes, as their numbers grow. The Frozen Thunder Onnadate, although young, swells with newcomers who are supported and directed by the veterans of the second wave. Thanks to this direction, the Frozen Thunders have acquired the reputation of honourable craftsmen and duelists so at odds with their ronin brethren on the mainland.

The Brotherhood seems to pull inward over the year, focusing attention on spiritual matters. While some heimin find comfort in this, many more find their attention pulled from temples toward enjoying the new lifestyle available to all in the colony. Donations take a dip, but there is certainly still opportunity to teach anew, now to those will full bellies and dry beds to sleep on. Perhaps the message of spiritual growth will reach them with the right teachers to guide the way.

Season 3

Present Day

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