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Player Characters

This list is for sanctioned characters only. As such, only staff may edit this page.
If you have a wiki for a character that has not yet been sanctioned, you can put it into the Inactive PC page to go on the queue. This is actually quite helpful to the staff as it makes it super-easy to find it, and it's a great way to keep track of your own wiki page, show it to fellow players, and view others' wikis! Inactive Queue is here.
If your character is not on this list, and you have been sanctioned then please let a GM know.

Crab Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Hida Satoko 1 Colony
Hida Tadayousuke 1 Exploration
Kuni Seigen 2 Exploration
Yasuki Mochihime 1 Colony
Yasuki Reizo 1.5 Exploration

Crane Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Asahina Hideki 1 Colony
Daidoji Tenburo 1 Exploration
Doji Aoshi 1 Colony
Doji Hōritsu 1 Colony
Doji Inari 1 Exploration
Doji Yojiro 1 Exploration

Dragon Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Mirumoto Aiko 1 Colony
Mirumoto Ryujin 1 Colony
Mirumoto Sozen 1.5 Colony
Tamori Dai 1 Exploration
Tamori Suzunari 1.5 Exploration
Togashi Toshihiko 1 Exploration

Lion Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Akodo Banuken 1 Exploration
Akodo Tsuka 1 Exploration
Ikoma Seryu 1 Colony
Matsu Asuna 2 Exploration
Matsu Tora 1.5 Exploration

Mantis Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Kitsune Chisato 1 Exploration
Kitsune Emmon 1 Colony
Kitsune Kouta 1 Colony
Kitsune Magoichi 1 Exploration
Moshi Maru 1 Colony
Yoritomo Michio 1 Colony

Minor Clan Alliance

PC Name Status Sphere
Ichiro Jineji 1 ?
Kasuga Emiko 1 Colony
Kasuga Suguru 1 Colony
Tsi Yui 1 Colony

Phoenix Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Agasha Rittou 1 Colony
Asako Akira 1 Colony
Asako Ryoko 1 Colony
Isawa Issun 1.5 Colony
Isawa Jokoto 1 Exploration
Isawa Kiyohime 1 Exploration
Shiba Toriiko 1 Colony
Shiba Yoshiie 1 Colony

Scorpion Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Bayushi Yoshima 1 Colony
Shosuro Kurama 1 Exploration
Shosuro Masayoshi 1 Exploration
Soshi Ume 1 Colony
Yogo Kamui 1 Colony
Yogo Norinaga 1 Colony

Unicorn Clan

PC Name Status Sphere
Ide Tessai 1 Colonial
Moto Nergui 1 Exploration
Shinjo Et-aleo 1 Colonial
Shinjo Kimiko 1 Exploration
Utaku Mariko 1 Exploration
Utaku Tahjare 1 Exploration


PC Name Status Sphere
Unagi 1 Colony


PC Name Status Sphere
Fuji 0 Colony
Horobei 0 Exploration
Kaiya 0 Colony
Matsuri 0 Colony
Setsuna 0
Tsuya 0 Exploration
Shiono 0 Exploration
Yakasu 0 Colony


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