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Samurai Tinder

This is a place for you to put yourself out there for the purposes of getting married. All samurai are expected to wed and produce heirs for the future of their Clan1).

The Grand List

Please only edit the individual table of your character's Clan, Editing the whole document locks everyone else out.


  • Name: Your character's name and the link to their wiki page
  • Availability: Your Character's marital status. 'Wed', 'Married', 'Betrothed', 'Single', 'Widowed' and more are all acceptable answers.
  • Looking: Whether you (OoC) are interested in getting your character married. you can also flag if you are looking for a PC or an NPC
  • Contact: How best to get in touch with you if interesting in discussing the possibility of getting married.
  • Notes: A catch all for everything else you want to mention. Just looking to be wed to some nameless NPC? want to RP an unhappy marriage? Will you absolutely not marry out of the Lion Clan? Put it in here.

Crab Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Hida Satoko ?
Hida Tadayoushke Widowed
Kuni Seigen Single Y: PC or NPC Skype Won't marry out of Crab
Yasuki Mochihime ?
Yasuki Reizo Single Y: PC or NPC Skype Strongly prefer not to marry out.

Crane Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Asahina Hideki Single Yes Skype 2)
Daidoji Tenburo Married
Doji Aoshi Married No
Doji Hōritsu Single
Doji Inari Married No
Doji Yojiro Unmarried

Dragon Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Mirumoto Aiko Single
Mirumoto Sozen Betrothed
Mirumoto Ryujin ?
Tamori Dai Betrothed No
Tamori Suzunari Single
Togashi Toshihiko Single Yes Will have to join the Togashi Order if marrying in.

Lion Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Akodo Tsuka Married
Ikoma Seryu Engaged
Akodo Banuken Married
Matsu Asuna Engaged
Matsu Tora Betrothed

Mantis Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Kitsune Chisato Married No
Kitsune Emmon Betrothed No
Kitsune Kouta Single
Kitsune Magoichi Married No
Moshi Maru Yea Yes Marriage into the Moshi as prequisite
Yoritomo Michio Single Yes

Minor Clan Alliance

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Ichiro Jineji Single
Kasuga Emiko Single
Kasuga Suguru Single
Tsi Yui Single

Phoenix Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Agasha Rittou Single
Asako Akira Married Nope
Isawa Issun Single Sure Forum Literally cannot leave the Phoenix - Ishiken
Isawa Jokoto Single
Asako Ryoko Married
Isawa Kiyohome Single No 8.5
Shiba Toriiko Single
Shiba Yoshiie Married

Scorpion Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Bayushi Yoshima Single
Shosuro Kurama Single
Soshi Ume Single
Yogo Kamui ?
Shosuro Masayoshi Married
Yogo Norinaga Unmarried

Unicorn Clan

PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Ide Tessai Unmarried
Moto Nergui Single Totally! Fourm How do you feel about kidnappings?
Shinjo Et-aleo Single
Shinjo Kimiko Courting No Skype 3) Won't marry out
Utaku Mariko Single Yes Skype 4) Marriage into the Utaku as prequisite
Utaku Tahjare single maybe


PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Unagi Single Why Forum Lol (I mean, if she can remain sohei..)


PC Name Availability Looking Contact Notes
Fuji Taken HAHAHAHAHA fuck no man. I prefer glasses. Saving self for superior Spirit Waifu Attained superior Spirit Waifu.
Horobei Single
Kaiya Single Sure Forum PM/Skype High Expectations IC
Matsuri Single
Setsuna Single
Tsuya Bachelorette Not really, but feel free to try me Skype 5) Marriages would be Bitter
Yakasu Single
Shiono Single

Named NPCs

Status 5

NPC Name Availability Contact Notes
Otomo Michiko ? GM Meatloaf Marriage would render your character an NPC

Status 3

NPC Name Availability Contact Notes
Akodo Takeshi Married Exploration GMs
Miya Yukihiro ? ? Marriage would render you an NPC
Yasuki Atsuko Widowed GM Talusmouse
Doji Manami Widowed GM Talusmouse
Togashi Yasuragi Single GM Saelvarath Not required to marry
Matsu Nishiura Married Matsu Nishiura
Yoritomo Hiroto Married GM Helle
Tsi Saburo Single GM Saelvarath
Isawa Isaka Married GM Helle
Yogo Gorou Unwed GM Meatloaf Old, Yogo, not required to marry
Ide Yegu ? GM Helle

Status 2

NPC Name Availability Contact Notes
Agasha Masuyo Married Exploration GMs
Doji Kimiko Widowed GM Meatloaf Too old for babies.
Horiuchi Genji Widowed GM Meatloaf You could… but why would you want to?
Ide Shouhei Married Exploration GMs
Ikoma Katashi Married JasonB
Ikoma Rei Married JasonB
Isawa Hoshiko Single GM Meatloaf
Kuni Senpu Widowed Colonial GMs
Moshi Narumi Single Colonial GMs Marriage into Moshi prereq.
Soshi Daike Widowed GM Meatloaf
Tamori Tsuiko Unmarried GM Saelvarath
Tsuruchi Yamato Unwed GM Meatloaf
Usagi Choseki Single Usagi Choseki
Miya Inahime Single Exploration GMs Marriage would render you an NPC

Please list new NPCs here with title and handle to be added.

Status 1

NPC Name Availability Contact Notes
Asako Youta Single Colonial GMs
Miya Saito Single? Exploration GMs Too young for you
Miya Taru Betrothed Colonial GMs
Seppun Yukimi Married Colonial GMs
Tonbo Shenmue Mysteriously Single Exploration
Utaku Chisaki Single Colonial GMs
Yasuki Aiko Betrothed Colonial GMs
1) See Here for more details
2) mojojessjo
3) korosukedoom149
4) Ashleyhimechan
5) Saelvarath
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