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“If you're not at the table, you're on the menu.” - Bayushi Uso, on the proliferation of rumors.

To samurai, the threat of disgrace carries far more weight than the threat of death. To that end, rumourmongers and their gossip are a critical part of every political environment. In this game, rumours will have as much heft as players are willing to put behind them.

Spreading Rumours

The process for spreading a rumour is as follows:

  • Post a copy of the Rumour you wish to spread in your personal forum, with a Courtier (Gossip)/Awareness roll attached. It should be noted that this will use up one of your thread actions for the week.
  • The TN for this roll is 10 + (5 x the highest Glory of any character targeted by the rumour).

Calling Raises

To help dissociate yourself from the vile words that you're spreading, here are some helpful raises:

  • 0 Raises: The Player is publicly announced as having spread the rumour
  • 1 Raise: The rumour is anonymous. If an investigation into the rumour fails it will yield no result.
  • 2 Raises: The rumour is anonymous. If an investigation into the rumour fails the GM will choose a “random” person that takes the blame.
  • 3 Raises: The rumour is anonymous. The Player chooses a character. If an investigation into the rumour fails the player's choice of character will take the blame.

The Bayushi Courtier Rank 1 Technique, Weakness is my Strength, will provide a free Raise towards this, effectively starting you with “1 Raise: The rumour is anonymous. If an investigation into the rumour fails it will yield no result before further raises are called. It provides no further benefit.


Failing a rumour roll does not mean that the rumour will fail. It may mean that the rumour changes slightly and a warped form is unleashed. It may mean that your name is directly associated with the rumour as it spreads. This is at the GM's discretion and is as fluid as gossip itself.

Spells & Bonus Effects

Some players may have effects which can influence this roll from spells, school skills etc. that they would not otherwise be allowed to use in court. As gossip is wildfire, it can be spread from anywhere in the city and therefore you are welcome to take these effects into account when calculating your dice pool.

Investigating a Rumor

Unhappy by the words being spread about you? Seeking some revenge by tracing that rumour back to its source?

  • Post a message in your personal forum linking to the rumour and attach a Courtier (Gossip)/Awareness roll. This is a Contested Roll. (Not Investigation! This is a purely 'he-said she-said' search). Please note that this will use one of your thread actions for the week. (We no longer requie an action to be spent for Rumor investigation. all else remains the same. We want you to investigate the darn rumors, that's why we make them! -GM Helle)
  • The TN for this roll is the result of the roll which spread the rumour. Bayushi Courtier 1 technique (1 free raise for every 3 points of social or mental disadvantages the opponent has) applies to this Contested Roll, both offensively and defensively. The GM will apply the raises from the investigator or rumourmonger's disadvantages to the roll before providing an answer. Neither PC will know how many raises were applied.

Calling Raises

At the moment there are no benefits to calling Raises on this test.

Success or Failure

You will not receive the TN you were rolling against or whether you succeeded or failed the roll. Instead your result will take one of the following forms:

  • A name: This is the person who you are convinced instigated the rumour.
  • Inconclusive investigation: You failed to find out who did it.
  • General Gossip: Some rumours have not been spread by the other members of court but have instead just occurred naturally through the progression of general gossip. These may be the result of an occurrence in a non-public area, or the idle fancies of one of the servants. Servants caught spreading these rumours will be punished severely.

Note: The results of an investigation into a rumour are your character's presumed culprit based on an attempt to follow back a rumour to its source. The result is not testimony which can be used before a Magistrate.

Responding to a Rumour

There are a number of ways you can choose to respond to a rumour, whether or not you are the subject of it.

  • Adding to the Rumour: You may add to the rumour by continuing the “conversation” that started the rumour. This would follow the same rules as above for spreading a rumour. Be creative, but make the addition make sense!
  • Challenging the Gossip: Some rumours you simply cannot let stand. If you believe you know the gossip in question, you can request an apology, and if they refuse, call for a duel to first blood.
  • Ignoring It: Exactly what it sounds like.

In most cases, honorable samurai are expected to ignore rumours entirely, regardless of their subject or contents, unless and until confronted with them directly, as responding to a rumour implicitly gives it legitimacy. If a rumour is outright blasphemous, or insults one's Clan or Ancestors, rather than simply oneself, however, it may be expected or necessary to put a stop to them.

Of course, not all samurai are paragons of honour, and may have other responses in mind…

Rewards and Penalties

Penalties and rewards from rumours will depend on the rumour in question, and actions taken in response.

  • A positive rumour may provide a minor Glory boost to its subject.
  • A negative rumour may, depending on content, reduce the subject's Glory, or give them a small amount of Infamy.
  • Spreading out and out lies may cost some Honor to the gossip.

Copied from the FRO7 files. Edited by GM Ria.

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