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Rolling Dice

So you want to know how to roll dice?

On the Forum

In the Forums you can make one or more roll in a post by typing

[roll RollName #k#]

  • <RollName> can be replaced with any combination of capital or lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation
    • Note: if you have more than one roll in a post all <RollNames> must be unique or one of the rolls will be overwritten
  • <#k#> '#' can be replaced with any number between 1 and 99 inclusive
    • The dice roller automatically adjusts rolls using the Rule of 10:
      • Every 2 Rolled dice over 10 becomes 1 kept die
      • When both Rolled and Kept dice are 10 and over every extra die becomes a +2 to the roll

Advanced Features

After <#k#> but before final ']' you may add a number of flags that change the behavior of the roll in a number of ways. Flags don't have to be separated but for your convenience you can use spaces and commas to keep it readable. Flags can be placed in any order and repeated flags are cumulative (with e# being the exception, only the last e# will be used)

Unless otherwise noted all '#' represent any number between 1 and 99 inclusive.

Static Bonuses

+# or -# will add or subtract # to the final result to the roll.

[roll example1 2k2 +35 -15]

Void Points

Void Points can be spent on rolls in the forums1) to a roll or to activate certain Techniques, Kiho or other effects. to note your expenditures please add 'v#' to the end of the expression. As Void points have a number of uses and numerous effects change the value of void points all this does is mark your expenditures so make sure to add you +1k1s, +1k0s, etc. to your roll.

[Roll Example2 3k3 v1]


L5R recognizes two kinds of raises and both behave differently. Because a Raise has so many uses it is good practice to mention how the raises are being used. It is very important to call raises in your roll because if you don't and you edit your post the GM team has no way of knowing whether your raises were called before or after you saw the results of the roll.

  • Called Raises automatically lower the result of your roll by 5 and mention in the roll output how many ('#') raises were called. Add 'c#' to your roll to call raises
  • Free Raisesdo not change the result of the roll but otherwise function similarly to Called Raises. add the 'f#' flag to your roll to show your Free Raises. if you intend to use them for the numerical bonus to the roll you can add '+5' to your roll in addition.

[Roll Example3 4k4 c2 f1]

Rolls with an Emphasis

Emphases allow each die not rolled as part of an explosion that turns up a '1' to be rerolled a single time. to make a roll with an emphasis add an exclamation point directly 2) after the '[roll' portion of the expression.

[roll! Example4 5k5]

Unskilled Rolls

Unskilled rolls are made when you have no ranks in a skill and are forced to make a roll using only your Trait in Rolled and Kept dice. in these cases no dice will explode. To make an unskilled roll add a period directly 3) after the '[roll' portion of the expression.

[roll. Example5 6k6]

Alternate Explosions

Usually when a die turns up a 10 on a roll it is rolled again and the results of both rolls are added together. This is refered to as the die 'Exploding'. Some rare effects change this so that numbers lower than 10 will explode. in this case add 'e#' to the end of the expression. this will set the range of results that cause the dice to Explode. e4 for example causes 4-10 to explode. this tag only accepts #s from 2-9. e1 doesn't work. Nice try.

Known Issues

Text copy/pasted in from most other sources and manualy changing the colour, font, or style of the text creates invisible formatting metadata 4). The dice roller sees this invisible data and sometimes confuses it for part of a roll or it invalidates a properly formatted roll, causing the roller to ignore it.

Possible Solutions Removing as much of this metadata as possible minimizes the chance of it interfering with the roll. To do this highlight your post and press the 'Remove Formatting' button.

Sometimes this won't work though5). In that case please simply make a new post and retype the rolls in.

In a Scene

On the chat we generally use a website called This site uses a different notation to roll dice. Their main page has excellent documentation on how to roll properly but some key information will be relayed here.

a basic roll will take the form of #<roll information> or;
[<roll information>]

both function identically save that rolls encircled in square brackets can be placed in the middle of a line of text [like this] while rolls preceded by a number sign6) must be placed on it's own line

#like so

a basic roll in the L5R system takes the form of [Explode=10 4h3 #comment], or;
#explode=10 4h3 #comment

<comment> being replaced with a description of your roll, such as 'Damage' 'Iaijutsu + Centre Stance + Void' or 'Investigative Gardening'.

Note: Rolz does not recognize the Rule of 10 so you will have to manually adjust your dice totals.

Advanced Features

  • Sometimes, typically during damage roll against other players beings you only want to incapacitate, you do not want to take the highest combination of dice possible #l# will take the lowest dice in the roll and #m# will take the middlemost dice.
  • To make an Unskilled roll remove 'explode=10'
  • to make a roll with an emphasis add 'reroll=1 rmax=1' anywhere within the expression. 7)
1) Max <your Void Ring> per week) to raise a skill from 0 to 1 to avoid making an Unskilled roll, to gain +1k1((some effects might change this value
2) , 3) No Spaces
4) click 'View Source' or press Crtl-Shift-S when writing a message to see
5) Hopefully I will root out this error soon -GM Saelvarath
6) or a Hashtag for you younguns
7) Warning: this will cause 1's rolled as part of an explosion to reroll, keep an eye out for these rare cases. you can see the actual dice that were rolled by hovering over the result. there is also an option to auto-expand all rolls in the 'Tools' tab of the sidebar to the right in a dice room
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