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Player vs. Player (PvP) rules

This is a guide for the rules and regulations concerning Player vs. Player (PvP) actions.

In a land like Rokugan, where different clans and factions can have conflicted interests and the methods for resolving disputes have created an artform of slicing each other with swords, it is inevitable that sometimes two player characters will find themselves in antagonistic roles to each other. For this reason, we’ve created a guide to help make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved, and most importantly, to help keep it fair.

Please note that PvP actions are not a way to express OOC frustration on another player, nor a way to just make life difficult for other for no reason. Anyone caught PvP actions to bully another player will incur an immediate 3 day ban from the FRO8 site. Any further repetitions of such behaviour can and will result in administrative action up to and including a permanent ban from the FRO8 site. If you have an OOC frustration, go here to see how you can work to solve it.

  • A Player vs. Player action is defined as an action that a player character takes against another player character with the intent to cause harm (such as in the case of spreading rumors or poisoning or starting combat) or with the potential to escalate to causing harm (such as reading over a personal correspondence or stalking someone, because the information gathered is to gain an advantage over them, and violence is possible if caught). Notable exceptions to this include:
    • Sparring
    • Games
    • GM sanctioned tournaments
    • Casual or 'tea' rp
  • Players who wish to take a player action against another player, either forum based or in a scene, must first submit a request in their private forum, detailing the reason they wish to take such an action and the method by which they plan on doing it.
  • A GM will review your request in order to either approve or deny it. As long as your request is reasonable, has the IC to back up your position and is not fueled by OOC intentions, your request is likely to be approved. You may not take a PvP action unless a GM has approved your request. Obviously, if you are using a Forum Based Action to pursue your target, that will be monitored by a GM. If you prefer to pursue your target via a scene, you MUST have a Story GM present in the scene.
  • Any PvP actions that are taken without the supervision of a Story GM will be considered invalid and the offending player(s) will face administrative action.
  • Any action taken with the intent to harm another PC is considered a PvP action. Of course Rokugan is a brutal world and people can often get hurt during training or friendly contests. It is unnecessary aggression that tips the scales into the PvP zone. Punching someone in the face during a jiujutsu match and breaking their nose accidentally does not count as a PvP action. Continuing to bash their face in after you’ve clearly won the match would, however, certainly be considered unnecessary aggression and thus a PvP action.
  • PvP actions can come with IC consequences! If Shosuro Sam fails his stealth roll while climbing into Matsu Miranda’s window and Matsu Miranda is found dead the next day, Shosuro Sam may find himself answering murder charges. Of course, if Shosuro Sam knows that he’s been seen, he can try to kill the witness.
  • Players must understand that IC behaviour can result in PvP action requests against them by other players. While PvP can sometimes end in death, that is certainly not always the case. Rolling stealth to follow someone around and observe their actions can be a very useful thing! Who doesn’t love a good tale of blackmail, extortion or ? Get creative, make amazing stories, but stay respectful of your fellow players.

PvP Does Not Have to be Scary! Again, per the setting, it’s quite common for samurai to take actions against one another– they are often their own greatest antagonists. A good rivalry between characters is rife fodder for samurai drama and can make for wonderful stories and personal plotlines.

  • If you aren’t sure that what you want to do qualifies as a PvP action, come talk to a GM! We’re always happy to help.
  • If you’re in a scene and you’ve done something that you’re not sure qualifies as a PvP action, log it and immediately come talk to a GM. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and as long as you’re aware that you’ve crossed the line and apologize to your fellow player, we can forgive you. It should be noted that if you make such mistakes frequently, you may be faced with administrative action.
  • If you are the target of an unsanctioned PvP action, please come talk to a GM immediately.
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