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Each character has a lifestyle rank that determines how they live and what they can buy without asking their lord. This also applies to black market purchases, but those require Commerce or Lore: Underworld rolls of increasing TNs to be successful.

Please note that there are several changes to what your lifestyle rank entails when you first arrive to the colony– things are in poor condition and what would be a very comfortable lifestyle rank in Rokugan is a little less so here in World's Edge.

Determining Lifestyle Rank

Lifestyle Rank is determined by a combination of three things:
Starting Koku from your School Outfit: This represents the base stipend your Lord provides for you to live on.
Status Rank: This represents your “salary.” If you have taken on more difficult duties, your Lord will provide more for you. Increases will take effect immediately.
Wealth Ranks: This represents personal or family wealth. It adds +2 koku per rank to your School Outfit.

Your Lifestyle Rank from Starting Koku will reset at the beginning of each season if it has decreased (by spending Lifestyle on hiring ronin, for example). Lifestyle Rank will not reset if it has increased (such as by earning Lifestyle from a gentry or being hired as a ronin).

Starting Koku Koku in School Outfit

Ranks of Lifestyle Gained

Starting Koku Lifestyle
0 - 4 Koku 0.0
5 - 9 Koku 0.5
10 - 14 Koku 1.0
15 - 19 Koku 1.5
20 - 24 Koku 2.0
Every 1 Koku past 25 +0.5

Status Rank Adds to Lifestyle Rank at a 1:1 ratio.

Final Calculation Lifestyle Rank = Starting koku (per table) + Status Rank

Example: Doji Cindy is a Doji Courtier, so gets 10 starting koku. She is status 2, and she has 3 ranks of the Wealth advantage, which gives her 16 starting koku total. Lifestyle Rank = 1.5 (starting, from table) + 2 (Status) = 3.5 Lifestyle Ranks. For the purposes of determining her day-to-day living conditions, she counts as having Lifestyle Rank 3, but the .5 extra still comes into play for the purposes of making purchases etc.

Earning Money

Commerce is obviously distasteful, but some samurai engage in it anyway. Ronin obviously need to make money to survive, and various families have a particular affinity with commerce (such as the Yasuki, Ide, and Daidoji). For the most part, we will be tracking earnings as adding to Lifestyle.

If you wish to pay another player for services, you are treated as altering their Lifestyle. This can be done in increments of 0.1 Lifestyle or more. Transfers between players are permanent for ease of tracking. Any arrangement of less than 0.1 Lifestyle will not be tracked and should insteadn be roleplayed appropriately between the samurai involved.

Purchasing Items

For Season One especially, we will be making use of our colonial economy to determine the values for purchases IC. You can see items and more information on the colony's economy here.

Lifestyle Ranks determine how a samurai lives and what he or she can purchase. A samurai is assumed to be able to afford any item that costs less than 1 x Lifestyle Rank koku without worry. This item is for his or her personal use only. This also includes materials for crafting. The cost of the material must be equal to or less than the characters lifestyle. Once per season, a samurai may also purchase 1 item that costs up to 3 x Lifestyle Rank. Black Market items will require Commerce and Lore: Underworld rolls to purchase.

A character may also chose to gain access to a thing or crafts materials following the rule over to give as a gift. It's not recommended that one does so too often (1-3 times a season) or the characters DH will be asking why the character is so generous with the clans resources, and what the clan gains back from this gifting.

Sake, food and sweets are covered under a character's housing.

Please note that due to the colony's resources, there are some changes to the equipment values for the miscellaneous equipment listed in the Core Book, starting on page 205. Do not use this table to calculate starting equipment– these changed values will take effect when the venue officially begins. You can locate the equipment table here.

Example: Doji Cindy is fairly well off, at Lifestyle Rank 3.5. She can buy anything that costs up to 3 koku and 5 bu without keeping track or asking a GM. A dog costs 1 koku, so she can acquire a pet dog. If she wants a Han-Kyu bow, which costs 6 koku, she can purchase one rather than asking her Lord for one (which would require having a Kyujutsu Skill of 3), but that is her only big purchase for that season (even though she could buy one item up to 11 koku and 5 bu as that is 3 times her Lifestyle rank).

In order to purchase something that costs 30 koku, you would need to have a Lifestyle Rank of 10 (the maximum). If you want to purchase larger items, you will need to take the Debt Disadvantage instead.

GMs will determine appropriate approximate costs for unlisted items, and decide whether items are black market. (Poison would be a black market item, for example).

Lifestyle & Joint Households

A married couple closely share a household and are therefore able to reduce certain expenses between them, compared to both living alone. If the difference between the two spouses’ Lifestyles is 1.0 or less, both gain +1.0 Lifestyle. If the difference is 2.0 or less but greater than 1.0, the wealthier spouse gains +0.5 and the less-wealthy spouse gains +1.0. If the difference is greater than 2.0, then the less-wealthy spouse gains +1.0 Lifestyle, but the wealthier spouse gains nothing. For living arrangements, use the Lifestyle of the wealthier spouse.

Two or more PCs joined less-closely than by marriage may also share a household if they so wish; however, the greater space and independence between them limits the financial benefits. All may enjoy the living arrangements of the wealthiest PC, so long as those arrangements are capable of supporting all of them; however, there is no change to the Lifestyle of any PC involved.

Lifestyle Ranks

These altered Lifestyle conditions apply when you first arrive to the colony. Please note that these changes to lifestyle do not have to be permanent. Meeting colonial goals for improving your terrible conditions will help to improve them!

Rank 0.0

You have either bought or stolen a tent to live in. It leaks, and you're not sure if it's supposed to look that green. However the monks give you at least one square meal a day. Life is terrible but you cope through working hard enough that you don't have time to think about it.

Rank 0.5

You have obtained a better tent than average that does not leak. Now if only it made the ground less muddy. You are able to get two meals a day. Life is not as terrible as it could be, you get to have alcohol once a week…just don't ask how it was made.

Rank 1.0

You get your own tiny room. Sure you can't lay down in it, and not see your feet on the wall. But it is warm and only leaks in the worst of storms. You get two meals a day, one of them has real fish! Life is only somewhat terrible, you still can't get sake regularly.

Rank 1.5

Your tiny room has been upgraded! you can now lay on the floor without seeing your feet on the walls. Truly it is an age of marvels for you. Your room is warm and still leaks occasionally but that's a small price to pay not to be one of the poor bastards in tents. You have two meals a day, one with fish and a small snack should it please you. You can get sake once a week.

Rank 2.0

Your room does not leak, and is wide enough to entertain one guest. Mind you always have one, because you have a room-mate but you know occasionally you get alone time. You have two meals a day, both with fish. Life is alright, particularly with your twice weekly sake ration.

Rank 2.5

For some reason your room-mate has moved out. (Definitely not related to any sort of bribe no sir) Life is good as most see it. Your own room, that doesn't leak, and even has space for your things. The food is somewhat monotonous, but you can get spices for it once a month, your supplier tells you to savour those memories.

Rank 3.0

You have managed to gain your own small house/apartment. It's only two rooms, and it leaks, but it's all your own. You have two meals a day with rice and veggies even! Truly you pity those poor folk stuck in tents, not enough to actually let them in your house though. Don't want that daily sake ration going awry!

Rank 3.5

It took some effort, but your small house/apartment is now completely dry, and you have a nice a picture on the wall. You arent' sure what it is, some sort of modern art so you are told by the monk that gave it to you. Sake helps you understand it.

Rank 4.0

You have have a real house! At least by Rokugani standards, with a bedroom, a kitchen and everything, You even have a little room to take off all the mud that gets on your clothes. Truly you are above those simple peasants who live in the dorms. Now if only you could get a servant or something. You unfortunately have to share it with someone else, but at least you can get away from each other if you so choose. Now what happened to that art piece?

Rank 4.5

Well since neither you or your room mate wanted to keep living like peasants, you have worked together to get a servant to do your cleaning for you. Alas, getting a chef is much harder still. On the other hand you have a second piece of art now!

Rank 5.0

You have added a second story to your house, or something to that effect, the net gain is that you now have four rooms available to you in addition to the entrance hallway for all the mud. Every so often you can go and get actual prepared food made by a chef, they even have those strange moon fruit now. It's amazing how well it goes with deep frying.

Rank 5.5

The membership fee for the bath is exorbitant, but it's a small price to pay to have clean skin again. You can afford a hot bath once a week. By afford you mean get the servant to heat up a hot tub full of water for you, you don't remember your skin being this shade…

Rank 6.0

This is one of the rare houses that was actually built for rich people! Yes it is cramped, with only five rooms. But you have space for all your things, a room to set up a shrine, and even a room to entertain. Perhaps best of all by your reckoning you are free of that room mate again.

Rank 6.5

Finally people recognize you and how important you are. You have a servant that comes by every day to clean, and cook your supper. You even get a candy every day to cleanse your palette, ooh cherry.

Rank 7.0

You have added a second story to your home giving you a total of seven rooms. Sure you make your servant live in the attic like some sort of demented pillow book villain. On the other hand, now you can make that fifth room into your own personal office.

Rank 7.5

Your servant is very greedy but has agreed to make you breakfast and dinner, with spices, every day. You only have to whine a little to get the spices! Still can't get the hot bath more than once a week though, you'll have to ponder this.

Rank 8.0

You have moved into a new house, this one was meant to have two stories with eight rooms. You still make your servant live in the attic like some sort of demented pillow book villain. But now they get to have their own privy instead of using yours, and people say you are not nice to your lessers. Well, you are starting to wonder if the people in the barracks are a cult…

Rank 8.5

You decided to hire a second servant whose sole job is to make you a bath every day. You think you have them do something like house maintenance? When not doing that, but its not really important to you at this point.

Rank 9.0

You are considered a very affluent person. You have one of the few mansions on the island, it even has it's own staff…never will you have to make your own food, or clean up after yourself…truly this is what it means to be a Samurai. You didn't even have to stick any of them in the attic, like those strange people who live across the way.

Rank 9.5

With most of your material needs met. (Save for the fact that you still can't get a manicure to save someone else's life) You've taken to showing off your wealth, your home now has a small garden inside, it doesn't make anything and seems infested with flowers you've never heard of, but it looks pretty.

Rank 10

You are amongst the most affluent of people, you have your own full estate, a small estate, but an estate. Not like those wannabes who still live in the tiny houses by the beach. You are able to get access to all of the colonies supplies and even have three meals a day in addition to everything else. Perhaps, you'll engage in philanthropy for the lest fortunate? On the other hand you were meaning to hire an artisan to make gifts for the governor…no matter surely you are amongst the most blessed of people.

(Currently rank 10 is the maximum lifestlye anyone can have on the island)

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