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Revised Language Rules

In light of changes to the FBA system, the process for gaining the Language Advantage has been changed as well in order to accommodate them. First the required FBA's on them have been reduced to a total of one at most. Instead languages are treated more like crafting projects, you will attempt to beat a set Target Number, if you succeed then after a period of time (dependent on the level of language you are learning) You learn the language up to that level. After that you may then attempt to learn the next level of the language. Should you fail, you must wait half the time rating before making another attempt. Place this roll in your FBA thread. (Note this does not count towards your FBA for the week)

The skill for learning a Language is called 'Linguistics' and is based on the Intelligence trait.

To purchase the skill requires you to first purchase the Language: (Language Name) Advantage for 4 xp. This will automatically grant you one rank in the Linguistic skill, but this rank only applies to the language named in the advantage purchase. As with all advantages, they must be justified to the GM Staff before you can purchase it.

However after you have gained one rank in a skill, you may buy it up as normal.

The levels of comprehension along with their TN's and Time Ratings are put forth in the table below. Time Ratings are for in game time not real life.

Level Target Number Time Rating
Broken 20 2 Months
Competent 30 6 Months
Fluent 40 1 year

Broken represents the ability to understand and convey important words and concepts in simple sentences. Subtle concepts and nuance of all kinds will escape you, and communication under conditions of stress or distraction will be very difficult.

Competent represents the ability to understand and communicate all important concepts clearly, even under conditions of great stress or distraction; however, your speech and writing will carry idiosyncrasies making it clear that you are not a native speaker, and colloquialisms and shades of nuance may still escape you.

Fluent means that you have mastery of the language (either spoken or written) equivalent to a native speaker; your speech remains marked by a slight accent, but the language barriers poses no further difficulty in either comprehension or communication, even down to the subtlest nuances.

Notably, you must do this for spoken and written language. However you can attempt to learn both at the same time.

New Skill

Linguistics (Intelligence) this is considered a Merchant Skill

  • Mastery 3: Reduce time to learn this language by 1/3
  • Mastery 5: Subtract 5 from the TN to learn this language
  • Mastey 7: Reduce time to learn this language by another 1/3 (Cumulative so 2/3's total)

*With regard to the Kasuga Smuggler School tech. They receive two language skills for the price of one.

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