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New Mechanics

There are some new mechanics that have been created for the setting and the World's Edge. There will be more new mechanics posted over time, as need arises. Keep checking back here to look for mechanics on certain created items, especially if a PC makes or does something that affects the colony!

Heat Exhaustion

The heat of the island is intense, pervasive, and unyielding. Worse, the humidity is overwhelming even in the dry season. Whether hacking their way through the jungles, chasing criminals down the makeshift streets of the colony, sweltering in court under layers of heavy kimono, or labouring in workshops to improve the colony, the samurai of the colony ignore the heat at their peril. Those who overexert or dehydrate themselves, or dress in impractical clothing and gear, invite fatigue, severe debilitation, and potential heatstroke.

Any time an ST-run scene begins, the ST may call for a resistance roll (they may be nice, but don’t count on it too much!). Likewise, if a character engages in any activity from the list of triggers below, they must roll to resist at the appropriate TN. Note that they make the roll after performing the action in question; a samurai who gets into a fight rolls against heat sickness once combat is over, unless the fight is extremely prolonged (GM’s discretion), as it is the exertion of the fight that places them at risk, not the fact of it beginning. Likewise, a samurai who engages in strenuous physical labour may perform it for a while before rolling, although they may have to roll before it is complete (GM’s discretion again, based on the nature of the work).


Roll Stamina against a TN determined by the applicable modifiers from the table below. On a success, the character suffers no ill effects for now. On a failure, your character suffers a +5 to all TNs for skill rolls, trait rolls, and spellcasting rolls, similar to Fatigue (though not identical, for the purpose of effects that inflict or detect Fatigue). Unlike Fatigue, one suffering the effects can attempt to shed the condition after only a half-hour of rest in a cool place rather than a full night’s sleep (see below).

If you are already suffering the penalties of heat sickness, this penalty is cumulative.

A PC suffering from heat sickness may attempt to recover by resting for a period of half an hour without performing any trigger activities. They may then roll Earth against their current TN (note that as this is a Ring roll, penalties for heat sickness do not increase this TN). On a success, they reduce their current penalties by 5. On a failure, there is no effect.

If a character does not take any recovery actions and continues to do what they are doing, they will have to roll against gaining additional penalties every hour. If their penalties are ever equal to five times their Stamina Trait or greater, they must also make Willpower trait rolls at TN 20 every hour to avoid fainting.

A character suffering from Heat Exhaustion may not take the Full Attack Stance.

As a default, it is assumed that PCs staying hydrated by regularly drinking water, juice, tea, or some other potable liquid. Failing to do so for any reason accrues the penalties below.

Combat +10 TN
Strenuous Activity- Climbing, running, hiking, riding +5 TN
Wearing heavy armor or traditional formal kimono +5 TN
More than an hour since drinking liquids +5 TN * Hours
Drinking a dehydrating beverage like shochu or sake +5 TN
Sitting down in a shaded area -5 TN
Submerging in cool water, as a bath (no swimming) -10 TN
Possessing the Blood of Osano-Wo advantage -10 TN
A parasol (outdoors only) +1k0 to resist roll

Heat Sickness Triggers

  • Combat
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Physical activity while wearing armor or formal kimono
  • Staying outside for more than four consecutive hours
  • Not drinking water for more than four (4) consecutive hours
  • Getting drunk
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