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Advantage: Gentry [Material] (5 Points)
Gentries represent businesses or other organised interests managed by the samurai caste, either on behalf of their Lord (for clan samurai) or for which they are solely responsible (for ronin). Mechanically, the output of a Gentry is represented by one or more types of Features.


When a Player Character purchases a Gentry, they select one Rank 1 Feature from the list below: the Gentry permanently gains the Feature. For 5 additional Experience Points, a Player Character may upgrade the Gentry, increasing its overall Rank. Ranks may be bought to a maximum of 5 for 25 Experience Points. Each upgrade grants access to a new Feature equal to the Gentry Rank or lower.

Material Cost
To build a gentry requires 3,000 RUs of materials, and an FBA (With an appropriate roll with TN 25) to create it. After this is done you may use your once a season advantage buy and buy it for 5 exp.

No gentry may be bought up past rank 2 in season 2, rank 4 in season 3 and rank 5 in season 4. No Player Character may EVER manage more than two Gentries. Only one player character may spend EXP on any given Gentry.

Gentry Features
Features are organized in Tiers which correspond to the overall Rank of the Gentry. Some Features cannot be purchased before the Gentry has reached a certain Rank. The list below contains all of the Features available for a Player Character to select for their Gentry.
A Feature increases in rank every time the Gentry increases in rank without having to be re-purchased. As Gentries can only be bought to Rank 5, no Feature can rise to a rank beyond 6 - x, where x is the Rank at which the Feature was purchased. So, a Feature purchased at Rank 3 can only reach 3 ranks, while a Feature purchased at Rank 1 can reach 5 ranks.
Example: A Player Character may upgrade their Gentry from Rank 1 to Rank 2. They may select an additional Feature from the list below, choosing from the Rank 2 or Rank 1 Features. Their Rank 1 feature advances one rank and they may purchase a second feature at rank 1. The second feature may be from Tier 2 or below.

Scaling: This Gentry Feature advances in rank each time the player upgrades the Gentry and purchases a new Feature.
Example: A tier 1 scalable feature that offers +1k0 to rolls per rank automatically advances to offering +2k0 to rolls when the Gentry is upgraded to rank 2 and a second Feature is purchased.

Synergy: This Gentry Feature enhances a lower-tier Feature, making it more powerful. In order to purchase a Gentry Feature tagged with with “Synergy”, you are required to have purchased the lower-tier Feature as a prerequisite.
Example: In order to purchase “Spacious”, you must have first purchased “Profitable” or “Productive.”

Rank 1 Features

Industrious: Choose one Artisan or Craft Skill; you may undertake one crafting project at a time using that skill, of a Time Rating equal to 10+ Feature Rank, or below, without needing to invest any significant amount of time in the project while it is underway. This allows you to work on other projects at the same time. You must still use a Forum Based Action and make a crafting roll, citing the fact that your project is being completed through your Gentry, in order to complete the project.
Example: Kakita Kate has a Rank One Gentry and would like to create a sculpture that has a TR of 12. She will use a Forum Based Action and make her crafting roll. The following week, even though her TR 12 sculpture project is still ongoing, she can craft as normal without having to worry about the TR limit to side projects.

Efficient: Choose one Artisan or Craft Skill; when you use a Forum Based Action for a project through your Gentry, the Time Rating of any project you undertake using the Artisan or Craft macro-skill is reduced by 2. This does not stack with the Water Hammer Citizen Advantage.
Example: Tsi Tom wants to make a Katana with a Time Rating of 15. Instead of it being Time Rating 15, it will be Time Rating 13.

Productive [Scaling]: Choose any one Resource from the following list:

Alchemical, Clay, Cloth, Metal, Paper, Plant, Stone, or Wood.

Your Gentry produces a number of Resource Units of the Resource equal to 2,000 times the Gentry Rank number per season. This feature can only be bought once. No clan or faction may have more than one Production Gentry for the same resource. Thus, two PCs of one clan could both have Production Gentries, but each would have to produce a different resource.
Example: Agasha Amanda has a Rank 4 Gentry in which she produces alchemical ingredients. The Gentry will produce 8,000 RUs of alchemical for that season. Agasha Augustine cannot also have a gentry which produces alchemical ingredients.

Profitable [Scaling]: Your Gentry works in raw koku flow, making money through some means like racketeering, money lending, gambling, accounting, or trade in a product you create (artisan work or crafts). Every Season, your Gentry provides an improvement to your Lifestyle equal to the Feature Rank number.
Example: Yasuki Yvonne begins Season 2 with Lifestyle 4 and a Rank 1 Gentry. She will have Lifestyle 5 for Season 2. When Season 3 begins, she has upgraded her Gentry to Rank 3 gentry. Thus, she will have Lifestyle 7 for Season 3.

Rugged [Scaling]: This Gentry may not be the most beautiful, but it is well-suited to the practice of bugei skills. Choose one Bugei skill (excepting weapon skills) when this Feature is purchased. Once per season, PCs may use a Forum Based Action practicing the skill to gain a flat bonus equal to the Owner’s Feature Rank number for one scene or Forum Based Action. The owner of the gentry gains this benefit a number of times each season equal the Feature Rank number without using FBAs.
Example: Matsu Mark has a Rank 2 dojo Gentry named Undying Courage Dojo where he practices his Hunting. Once per season, Matsu Mark’s friend Akodo Alex can use a Forum Based Action to train Hunting at Undying Courage Dojo and then will gain a flat bonus of +2 to a Hunting roll for a scene OR for a Forum Based Action. Matsu Mark himself will gain a flat bonus of +2 to a Hunting roll in a scene OR for a Forum Based action TWICE in a season and does not need to use a Forum Based Action detailing his training. He can choose to use one bonus in a scene and one in a Forum Based Action. He may not use both bonuses in the same scene OR the same Forum Based Action.
In both cases, this bonus must be approved by a GM before it can be used.

Sociable: This Gentry promotes an atmosphere of conversation, debate, entertainment, or fellowship through its aesthetics, layout, and staff, encouraging people to gather together, most importantly the right people to sign paperwork. Once per season the Gentry may host an event (such as a party, feast, art showing, performance, debate, etc.) pertaining to its theme and skill without using Forum Based Actions to get approval ahead of time. The size of the party equals 10 persons per Gentry Rank. If you prefer to host a fancier, more elegant event, you may do so, for 5 persons per Gentry Rank. You may not invite NPCs without GM permission and you must have a GM approve the event you wish to host.
Example: Bayushi Beatrice owns a Rank 5 sake house. She would like to host an elegant party with high quality food and sake for her closest friends to celebrate her betrothal and impending marriage. She may, with GM permission, do so for 25 persons, without having to ask her DH or worry about resources.

Clarifying [Scaling]: This Gentry helps to focus and hone the mind, whether through intellectual pursuits, meditative practices, or the power of Bushido. It grants those within it greater clarity of thought in the face of adversity. Once per season for each rank in this Feature you possess, you may add +Xk0, where X is the owner’s Feature Rank, as a bonus to any contested roll to resist when the other party is attempting to confuse or manipulate you, or to a roll which tests your honor such as Fear or Temptation, as the Balanced and Clear Thinker advantages. One of these advantages’ effects will stack with Clarifying, but not both.
Example: Ide Iggy has both the Balanced and Clear Thinker advantages. She has a rank 4 tea house Gentry which is dedicated to the practice of the Tea Ceremony. Once per season, Ide Iggy can choose to use both the Clear Thinker advantage as well as the 4k0 bonus from Clarifying in a contested Sincerity roll.

Accommodating [Scaling]: This Gentry has space and accommodations for keeping animals or livestock for samurai, whether smaller animals in an enclosed garden or pen, or larger animals in a paddock or stable. The owner of this Gentry may keep one pet per Gentry Rank without any lifestyle penalty. The pets must be of similar types - cats and dogs or horses and pack animals. Exotic pets, such as tigers, elephants or other animals found in the jungle, are not eligible for this Feature. Other PCs may use a Forum Based Action boarding their pet at the Gentry to reduce the lifestyle penalty of keeping a pet to -.5 instead of -1. The Gentry may not board more pets than than 5 times the Gentry Rank number at a time.
Example: Utaku Ursula has a Rank 5 stable Gentry. She may keep up to 25 horses (not including the one provided in her school kit) in her Gentry without any additional lifestyle penalty.

Soothing: This gentry is designed to provide a calming atmosphere whether for the patients of a healing house, the clientele of a fine dining establishment or the faithful worshipping at a shrine. This Gentry grants to the owner a free raise to Willpower checks against any Disadvantage requiring Willpower checks. Anyone else who uses a Forum Based Action to visit this gentry can gain that raise once per season for their next such Willpower check.
Example: Isawa Ivan has Touch of the Void and his Gentry is a shrine dedicated to Jizo-no-Kami. When Isawa Ivan spends a void point, he will have a free raise to his roll to not become Dazed. Isawa Ivan’s friend Shiba Sam has Epilepsy. Shiba Sam uses a Forum Based Action to visit the shrine to Jizo-no-Kami.The next time Shiba Sam has an epileptic fit coming on, he will have a free raise to his roll to resist succumbing.

Surgical [Scaling]: Whether a healing house, dojo, or alchemist’s, this Gentry offers exceptional medical treatment to the wounded thanks to prolific studies in herbalism, alchemy, acupuncture, or other methods. The Gentry is well staffed with a supply of medicinal supplies. When rolling Medicine (Wound Treatment) skill rolls, the owner of this Gentry may add +2 Wounds healed per Gentry Rank while accessing this Gentry.
Example: Kitsu Kelly has a healing house Rank 2 Gentry. Her friend has come to her with a bad wound that needs to be stitched up and bandaged. Kitsu Kelly’s Medicine (Wound Treatment) roll yielded 5 wounds healed. Because of the Surgical Feature, Kitsu Kelly’s friend will instead get 9 points of health back rather than 5.

Rank 2 Features

Research [Scaling]: With access to resources to expand your area of expertise, your gentry provides information and lore. When this Feature is purchased, the Gentry owner chooses one Lore skill which is relevant to the gentry. Once per season, the Gentry owner may add XkX to roll of their chosen Lore where X is the Gentry rank number.
Example: Asako Andrew has a Rank 2 library Gentry, dedicated to knowledge about the Courts. When he purchases Research, he chooses Lore: Heraldry. Once per season, Asako Andrew may add 2k2 to a Lore: Heraldry roll.

Supplied: Excellent tools allow the owner to dabble in other areas of arts and crafts beyond the ones they focus on. When this Feature is purchased, the Gentry owner chooses one Artisan or Craft skill which is related to the Gentry’s purpose (which cannot be a skill selected with a Rank 1 Feature), excluding Engineering. Once per Season, the Gentry owner may add Xk0 to a roll of their chosen skill where X is the Gentry Rank number.
Example: Mirumoto Max is a Sculptor with a Rank 2 Gentry dedicated to sculpture. When he purchases Supplied, he names Craft: Masonry. That season, Mirumoto Max may add 2k0 to a Craft:Masonry roll.

Staffed: This feature grants the owner of the Gentry a loyal lieutenant and followers whose skills are related to the Gentry. With each successive upgrade, the lieutenant becomes more skilled, the lackeys become more numerous, and the number of skills they can use grows, from one to three. The first skill chosen is the primary skill associated with the Gentry itself.
The skill of the lieutenant, and the number of followers, is determined by the Feature Rank:

  • Rank 2: Lieutenant at rank 3, 3 minions at rank 1 in a single skill.
  • Rank 3: Lieutenant at rank 3 (first skill), 5 minions at rank 1 in two skills [a second, appropriate skill is chosen.]
  • Rank 4: Lieutenant at rank 3 (first skill) rank 1 (second skill), 7 minions at rank 1 in two skills.
  • Rank 5: Lieutenant at rank 3 (first and second skill) rank 1 (third skill), 10 minions at rank 1 in three skills.


The “Fire Brigade:“

  • First skill: Intimidation
  • Second skill: Staves
  • Third skill: Athletics


  • First skill: Investigation
  • Second skill: Lore: Law
  • Third skill: Kenjutsu (or Lore: Underworld, or any other feasibly related skill)

The Woodsmen:

  • First skill: Craft: Carpentry
  • Second skill: Lore: Nature
  • Third skill: Heavy Weapons

Geisha and maiko:

  • First skill: Perform: Samisen
  • Second skill: Perform: Storytelling
  • Third skill: Games: Go

Artistic [Scaling]: With supplies to branch out and try new artistic pursuits, the owner of this Gentry can enjoy greater inspiration to expand their courtly artistry. When this Feature is purchased, the Gentry owner chooses one Artisan or Perform skill which is related to the Gentry’s purpose. Once per Season, the Gentry owner may add Xk0 to a roll of their chosen Art where X is the Gentry Rank.
Example: Doji Diana is a poet with a Rank 3 Gentry dedicated to her art. When she purchases Artistic, she chooses Perform: Storytelling. Once per season, Doji Diana may add 3k0 to a Perform: Storytelling roll.

Healing [Scaling]: This Gentry provides succor and strength to those who stay here, whether patients in a healing house, worshippers at a temple, or students at a dojo. Anyone who uses a Forum Based Action visiting this Gentry may consider their Stamina to be 1 higher per Feature Rank for the purposes of wound recovery. The effect lasts for a number of weeks equal to the Gentry’s Ranks in this Feature. The owner always receives this Benefit.
Example: Kuni Kim is a Stamina 4 IR3 Kuni shugenja who has a Rank 4 healing house Gentry. Instead of having (4 x 2) + 3 = 11 wounds recovered per day, she will have (4 + 2) x 2 + 3 = 15 wounds recovered per day. Hida Hank is a Stamina 4 IR4 Hida Bushi. He uses an FBA to visit Kuni Kim’s healing house. For 3 weeks, he will recover (4 + 2) x 2 + 3 = 15 wounds recovered per day instead of (4 x 2) + 3 = 11 wounds recovered per day.

Diagnostic [Scaling]: This Gentry excels at diagnosing and treating diseases or even poisons thanks to their studies and medical expertise. Whether a healing house, alchemist’s, or even a library, once per season, a PC may use a Forum Based Action visiting the gentry to receive a bonus of +1k0 per Gentry’s Ranks in this Feature to their rolls to resist poison and disease for one week. If they are already ill, they get to reroll with the bonus by using a Forum Based Action. The owner always receives this bonus to resist poison and disease, and on failing such a roll may use a Forum Based Action to reroll.
Example: Asahina Allie has a Rank 5 library Gentry. She receives a 4k0 bonus to all her rolls to resist poison and disease - if she fails her roll, she may use a Forum Based Action to attempt a reroll. Her friend Ikoma Ian may, once per season, use a Forum Based Action to visit her library to obtain a 4k0 bonus to rolls to resist poison and disease for a week.

Veterinary: This Gentry excels in training its animals to stay calm and stalwart even in stressful situations, as well as healing them if they suffer injuries from standing their ground as they’ve been trained. The owner of this gentry receives a Free Raise to rolls to keep pets/trained animals calm at the beginning of combat, and a Free Raise to skill rolls made to treat wounded pets/trained animals.This Feature may not be used on wild animals found in the jungle.
Example: Kitsune Killian has a Rank 3 Gentry dedicated to healing animals in particular. He will receive a Free Raise on Animal Handling rolls on pets/trained animals belonging to him or his allies at the beginning of combat, and a Free Raise on his Medicine roll to heal them at the end of combat. He may not use the Free Raise on an Animal Handling roll on the tiger that is charging his squad.

Spiritual: This Gentry helps attune one’s body and soul to the kami. Once per season, after using a Forum Based Action immersing themselves in religious matters, a PC can receive one Free Raise on a Commune, Sense, or Summon spell within the Gentry. The owner permanently gains this bonus while within their Gentry.
Example: Moshi Matt has a temple Gentry. While within his temple, he receives a Free raise on all his Commune, Sense or Summon spells. His friend Yoritomo Yara can, once per season, use a Forum Based Action to visit Moshi Matt’s temple and receive one Free Raise on a Commune, Sense or Summon spell while within the temple.

Popular: Your Gentry is so loved by those beneath your station that your interactions with heimin and ronin are particular positive. Gain a Free Raise on social skill rolls with heimin and ronin in and around the general vicinity of your Gentry (Distance is up to GM discretion).
Example: Hiruma Hank has a sake house Gentry. He is known for generously giving out the day’s leftover rice and sake to heimin and ronin. Upon purchasing Popular, Hiruma Hank gains a Free Raise on all social skill rolls in and around his sake house.

Secure: Your Gentry possesses attributes of a safe house, possessing a room, chamber, or other concealed compartment to hide people or things such as criminals and illegal goods. This room or series of compartments can be no larger than 100 cubic feet in total size. Anyone attempting to find the location of this room requires a successful Investigation (Notice)/Perception TN 50 check.
Example: Shosuro Selena has a dojo Gentry. Upon purchasing Secure, she has access to a small safehouse to store her…less than legal tools. Tsuruchi Tanya has gotten a tip that Shosuro Selena might be an enemy of the Empire. She must pass an Investigation(Notice)/Perception check at TN 50 in order to find the safe room.

Rank 3 Features

Friendly: Your Gentry is particularly prominent, allowing you to gain loyal and influential allies in places high and low. Once per Season, (with approval from a GM) gain the Ally Advantage with an NPC that lasts until the end of the Season. The total Influence and Devotion of the Ally is limited to the total rank of the Gentry. For example, a Rank 3 Gentry may produce a 2 Influence, 1 Devotion or 1 Influence, 2 Devotion Ally.
Example: Bayushi Bilbo has a rank 5 noodle house Gentry. He may, subject to GM approval, gain an NPC as a 2 Influence, 3 Devotion Ally for the season.

Espionage [Scaling]: Your Gentry has a singular talent for gathering information, whether by gathering gossip from patrons, a network of informants built from staff or clients, or more expedient but dishonorable means. Gain one use per season of the Spy Network advantage. Each additional rank of this Feature grants one additional use of the Advantage per season.
Example: Ikoma Inara has a rank 4 geisha house Gentry with the Espionage Feature.She will have two uses of the Spy Network advantage via her Gentry for the season.

Dojo: Choose three skills affiliated with your dojo; a Player Character who uses a Forum Based Action training one of those Skills through your Gentry reduces the training time of the associated Skill by a week. This training reduction can only be used once per season for a single skill to visitors. Once per season, the owner of the Gentry receives a week reduction in training time to one of the three chosen skills. The owner of the Gentry may use a Forum Based Action to reduce training time for each other skill once per season.
Example: Daidoji Dan runs a dojo and teaches Kenjutsu, Polearms, and Medicine. One season he uses his bonus to reduce the training time on his Polearms skill by a week, and then decides to use a Forum Based Action to reduce his training time in Kenjutsu, and another Forum Based Action to reduce his training time in Medicine. His friend Kakita Kate can use a Forum Based Action to reduce training time on Kenjutsu but cannot use a Forum Based Action to reduce training time any more that season.

Spacious [Synergy]: This gentry has additional space for for sale or production. Every Season, your Gentry produces an additional 50% of either Production or Profitable. One must be chosen at the time of purchase. This feature may only be purchased once for each prior feature.
Example: Yasuki Yancy has a Profitable sake house and purchases this feature to increase the size of the sake house so he can store more sake and serve more customers. His seasonal profits increase from +1 lifestyle per rank to +1.5 lifestyle per rank. Meanwhile, Kaiu Karrie has a Productive iron mine and purchases this feature to increase his mining tunnels. His seasonal production increases from +2000 RU/rank to +3000 RU/rank.

Holy: This Gentry is devoted so thoroughly to the concept favored by a Fortune - whether a merchant impressing Daikoku or a library impressing Fukurokujin - that their blessings briefly touch those who spend their time there. Upon taking this Feature, the owner selects one Fortune and an affiliated skill (weapon skills may not be selected). The owner of the gentry receives a Free Raise to uses of this skill. Those who use a Forum Based Action visiting the gentry may gain a Free Raise to their next use of the skill.
Example: Suzume Simon has as his Gentry a food stand known for making truly excellent onigiri and has impressed Inari, the Fortune of rice and good grain. Upon purchasing Holy, he selects Inari and Farming. Suzume Simon gains a Free Raise on his Farming rolls. His friend, the ronin George, may use a Forum Based Action to visit the food stand and enjoy partaking in some delectable rice balls. He may gain a Free Raise on his next Farming roll.

Menagerie [Synergy]: This Gentry is so accommodating to animals that it is able to sink its claws into more territories. It has grown significant enough to either house a single exotic animal or twice as many normal animals for the owner.
Example: Utaku Ursula has a rank 4 stable Gentry with the Menagerie perk. She may choose to either house up to 40 horses, or that small elephant she, through some stroke of luck, has been able to bring back from the jungles. However, she cannot house the extra horses AND the elephant and must choose one or the other.

Serene: This particularly serene gentry, whether a temple, tea house, or healing house, promotes the spiritual integrity of its owner and those within. When making a Meditation(Void Recovery)/Void or Tea Ceremony/Void roll within this Gentry while using a Forum Based Action or in a scene only at a GM’s discretion, the participants gain an additional Void Point on a successful roll. Additionally, the owner gains a Free Raise on Meditation and/or Tea Ceremony rolls within the Gentry.
Example: Isawa Iliana has a Temple Gentry. She gains a Free Raise on any Meditation and any Tea Ceremony roll she makes while within her Gentry. Additionally, her friends can visit the Gentry to meditate or hold a tea ceremony and get back an additional Void Point on a successful roll. This can be done by using a Forum Based Action or in a GM supervised scene.

Hallowed [Shugenja Only, Scaling]: Select Air, Earth, Fire, Void, or Water. This Gentry is particularly attuned to the elements and all kami of the selected element heed your call. Spellcasting rolls of the associated type gain one Free Raise while within or in the immediate vicinity of the Gentry. The maximum mastery level of spells that can benefit from this feature is equal to the owner’s total Gentry ranks (eg. when purchased, only spells of Mastery 3 or lower gain the free raise).
Example: Agasha Alice has a rank 4 Shrine Gentry. When she purchases Hallowed, she selects Fire. While within or in the immediate vicinity around her shrine, she gains a Free Raise to all Fire Spellcasting rolls up to Spell Mastery Level 4.

Illicit: You gain an additional use of the Lifestyle rules to purchase an item once per season specifically for Black Market goods. You may also use 5 times the amount of koku allowed to you by your Lifestyle rank, instead of 3 times. The penalties for being caught remain the same, of course.
Example: Yasuki Yon has a sake house Gentry which he uses as a base for his secret Black Market activities. Twice per season, he may make a purchase specifically for Black Market goods using up to 5 times his Lifestyle allotment. This Feature does not prevent Magistrates from catching onto his criminal activities.

Armory: You have access to a quality arms and armor, perhaps due to having a skilled personal attendant to maintain your equipment or having the luxury of affording quality equipment. Select one weapon or armor in your outfit. Once chosen, this cannot be changed. You may add a benefit to the selected weapon or armor from the list below. You may only choose one benefit, but it will scale with each subsequent rank of the Gentry.

  • Ignore one point of Reduction per rank in this Feature.
  • Add +1 to Weapon skill rolls per rank in this Feature.


  • Increase the wearer’s Armor TN by +1 per rank in this Feature.
  • Gain one additional point of Reduction per rank in this Feature.
  • Reduce Armor Penalties by 1 per rank in this Feature.

Example: Akodo Aegon has a Rank 3 Gentry. When he purchases Armory, he selects his Armour and chooses to increase his Armour TN by +1. When he raises his Gentry to Rank 4, he now is able to increase his Armour TN by another +1, giving him a total of +2 to his Armour TN. He may NOT choose any other benefit listed, he may only continue to increase his Armour TN.

Rank 4 Features

Sacred Smith [Weaponsmiths Only]: This Feature grants the owner of the Gentry an additional rank of Glory. Additionally, the smith has been recognized by the owner’s own clan as being worthy of learning the secrets to forging the clan Sacred Weapon. Once per season, they may construct their clan’s sacred weapon per normal crafting rules. Should the smith choose to keep a Sacred Weapon, the player may purchase the Sacred Weapon advantage (cost of the Advantage reduced by 1) without the purchase using up the seasonal Advantage purchase. The material used is Sacred (this also applies to TR and TN). However, the player does not have to seek out the Sacred material, as it is provided by their Clan for the purpose.
Ronin are prohibited from making Clan Sacred Weapons. A prosperous ronin smith, however, will be able to create a Sacred Tanto (2XP), an exquisite knife whose damage roll is 2k1. The player does not have to seek out the Sacred material, as it is assumed that the character is prosperous enough to afford the material.
Example: Kakita Kylo has a forge Gentry. When he purchases Sacred Smith, he gains a rank of Glory. Once per season, he may craft a Kakita Blade. The Sacred Smith Feature does allow the the player to auto succeed on that particular crafting roll. If Kakita Kylo chooses to keep his Kakita Blade, he may purchase the Sacred Weapon Advantage for 4 XP, and this will not count as his once per season Advantage purchase.

Renowned: This feature grants the owner of the Gentry an additional rank of Glory. Additionally, it has been recognized by the owner’s clan for being of good enough repute to grant them an item of great value and highest quality from their clan. The owner of this Gentry receives a Material Inheritance item for a skill related to their Gentry. He cannot choose an item for a skill that he already has the Material Inheritance Advantage for. All other rules regarding the Material Inheritance advantage apply. All Material Inheritance items received are subject to GM approval. This advantage does not count towards the seasonal Advantage Purchase.
Example: Tamori Ted has a performance hall Gentry dedicated to the arts - theatre, music, poetry readings and the like. When he purchases Renowned, he gains a rank of Glory. From his Clan, who honours his dedication to the arts, he receives his grandmother’s shamisen. He cannot receive his Great-Grandfather’s biwa though, as he already has the Material Inheritance Advantage for his father’s biwa. The purchase of the Material Inheritance Advantage for the shamisen will not count as his once per season Advantage purchase.

Legitimate: No matter what’s actually going on behind the screens, this Gentry has mastered discretion for any dishonorable deeds. The owner of the Gentry gains a rank of Perceived Honour, making their Honour appear 1 rank higher for the purposes of Lore: Bushido rolls to detect it. This does not generate real Honour, however. The owner also gains a Free Raise to any contested rolls to hide the dishonorable or even illegal deeds of their business.
Example: Kasuga Kaya is, of course, not involved in any dishonourable deeds like Black Market schemes at all. When she purchases Legitimate for her Gentry, she gains a rank of Perceived Honour. This does NOT grant her an actual rank of Honour. Kasuga Kaya also gains a Free Raise to any contested rolls which may expose the fact that she is, in fact, the head of a smuggling ring.

Esteemed: Select three skills associated with your Gentry. Your Gentry is so well known, so revered by its visitors that your own Glory increases and you are able to capitalize on this. Gain an additional rank of Glory. Additionally, three times per Season you may add your Glory Rank to one of the selected rolls, before or after the roll is made. You may not select Bugei skills with this Feature.
Example: Moto Melina has a shochu brewery Gentry in which she brews and sells shochu. When she purchases Esteemed, she chooses Craft: Brewing, Craft: Farming and Commerce, and she gains a rank of glory, bringing her up to 5.7 Glory. Three times per season, she may may add a bonus +5 to a Craft: Brewing, Craft: Farming or Commerce roll either before OR after the roll is made.

Enlightened: This particularly meditative, whether a temple, tea house, or healing house, promotes the spiritual integrity of its owner and those within. The owner of this Gentry may use twice their total Void Ring in Void Points each week in Forum Based Actions.
Example: Togashi Tristan, who has Void 3, has a tea house Gentry. When he purchases Enlightened, he may augment 6 rolls in Forum Based Actions per week as opposed to only 3.

Rank 5 Features

Time-Saving: Time-Saving: This gentry is so well-run and efficient that the owner gains two additional Forum Based Actions per season. These Forum Based Actions may be spent in the same week or separate weeks. These Forum Based Actions must be associated with the use of the Gentry. All other rules about Forum Based Actions apply to these actions.
Example: Soshi Sally has a gentry dedicated to caring for her beloved dogs. Upon purchasing Time-Saving, she gains two additional Forum Based Actions that she may use at any time during the season - she should note at the top of the Action post that this extra action is coming from the Time-Saving Feature. She now is able to fit in two more animal handling rolls in the season, to help her in her endeavours to housetrain her puppies.

Fortunate: Fortune favors the mortal man. This Gentry is so favored by the Heavens, or so skillful in its creations, teachings, socialization, or information-gathering that it allows for the owner to reroll a failed roll once per week as the Luck advantage. This reroll can only be used on Forum Based Actions associated with the Gentry.
Example: Yoritomo Yarrick has a shipbuilding Gentry. His efforts have greatly pleased the Heavens. Once per week, he may reroll a failed roll on any roll in a Forum Based Action that takes place at his Gentry.

Plentiful: This Gentry has reached the pinnacle of producing and the apex of artistry, effectively doubling the gains of a single Scalable Feature. For example, twice the amount of Lifestyle would be gained, or twice as much of a bonus to skill rolls, crafting time reductions, or staff size.
Example: Remember Doji Diana, the poet with Gentry dedicated to art who took the Artistic Feature?. After purchasing Plentiful, Doji Diana may add 6k0 to a Perform: Storytelling roll instead of 3k0.

Loyal: Through your impressive work you have sown loyalty within your followers, whether they are criminal henchmen, pious monks, skilled craftsmen, or other retainers under your employ. You gain the Servant Advantage with one chosen Ring at 3, and one chosen Skill at 5.
Example: The ronin Felix has a lovely greenhouse Gentry. His honest hard work, extensive knowledge and excellent quality medicinal plants have attracted many who wish to work with him. Upon purchasing Loyal, Felix is lucky enough to have attracted the attention of a heimin named George who has Fire 3 and Lore:Nature 5 and gains George as a Servant.

Sacrosanct: Your Gentry is so highly regarded by the Governor that she has issued a decree of protection on you and your Gentry. Should you be harmed outside of the bounds of the law, or your Gentry wrongfully trespassed, damaged, or used, the aggressor suffers an Honor Loss as if Disobeying a Lord’s Command on top of any other honor loss incurred. They may further suffer the Governor’s wrath at her discretion and the justice of the Office of the Emerald Magistrate.
Example: Daidoji Dina has a dojo Gentry with Sacrosanct. When Seppun Stan trespasses on her home to wrongfully arrest her, without an Order of Appearance at that, drags her unceremoniously through the colony, and throws her into a holding cell for aggressive questioning, she may appeal to the Office of the Emerald Magistrate or even the Governor to help right the wrong that has been done to her.

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