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Character Death

Character death occurs when a character has taken enough wounds to exceed his or her “Out” rank. The death of a samurai should be as important as (if not more important than) the life of said samurai. We encourage players to embrace the idea of seeking a heroic death for their character, should the opportunity arise. As Legend of the Five Rings is known for being a dangerous and lethal system, it is not unlikely that many will find plenty of opportunities to die gloriously for Rokugan.

Close Call

However, sometimes dice are just fickle and players may inadvertently end up dying in a way that does not produce a satisfying ending to the character's story due to ridiculous dice explosions. In order to maintain the integrity of character death, each character may have one opportunity to take a Close Call in such situations. The determination of whether a character can take a Close Call is up to the GM running the scene, with consultation with the player and the Head GMs if necessary. If the character dies a heroic death in a scene in a way that creates a good story, Close Calling will likely not be allowed. Conversely, if a character does something stupid or particularly reckless which results in an inglorious death, there will also not be an opportunity for Close Calling.

One a Close Call has been agreed on, the GM and player work together to come up with an appropriate set of Disadvantages totaling 5-10 points. Disadvantages should logically reflect the manner in which the character nearly died. Advantages could also be lost in exchange for taking more points in Disadvantages.

Close Calls may not occur in duels to the death or executions. Other edge situations (such as assassination attempts) will be determined by GMs on a case-by-case basis.

Kharmic Rewards

Because the death of a samurai should be an important part of that character's story, we offer the opportunity for a Kharmic Reward to the new character of a player whose previous PC died in an honorable or heroic fashion. In order to receive this Kharmic Reward, the player should write a short fiction (3-4 paragraphs) describing the death of their character. These will generally be posted on the forums (after GM approval) for other players to read. A Kharmic Reward typically consists of an advantage or a special item that has been tweaked in some way to represent the connection between the new character and the previous one.

Re-rolling a Character

We would like to encourage players to play characters through to honorable deaths, but we understand that sometimes a player becomes unhappy with their current character and would like to make a new one. Because character approval requires significant GM work, character re-rolls are limited to once every two months.


We feel that active players of FRO8 should be rewarded, and that inactive players should not continue to take up character slots that new players could fill (in the case of needing to cap player registration based on the number of active GMs, or needing to cap clan sizes). As such, if a player has not actively logged into the chat and participated in RP in two weeks, their character forum will be moved to inactive status and their slot will be made available to others. If the player returns, their character and forum will be enabled, and they will receive the appropriate XP that they would have gained during their absence, but if their clan is full, then the player will have to re-roll or wait for a spot.

If you know you are going to be absent for a period of more than 2 weeks, but plan to return, please inform one of the Head GMs and we will suspend the policy for the duration of your absence.

Copied from the FRO7 files. Edited by GM Ria.

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