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GM Team

Head GMs

  • Meatloaf
  • Chuhai
  • Dorm

Story GM Teams

A GM who leads or assists one of the spheres (Exploration, Culture, Law) or runs the NPC Delegation Head of a Clan.

Colonial Administration Sphere

  • Meatloaf
  • Kondo
  • GM Jason

Exploration Sphere

  • Gman
  • Roffle
  • Talusmouse


  • Helle
  • Saelvarath

Thread GMs

Includes working on character applications, xp spending, requests, bluebooking etc. (Names may change, but we love them anyway!)

  • Lloyien–exp requests
  • Choseki– honor and glory
  • Waffles– FBAs
  • Eftastick– FBAs
  • Shadowraven– assists


Player Story Teller. Mainly their own PC but they have permission to use low tier NPC’s, spouses and other consented NPC’s of other players. They do not have access to players character sheets.

  • Catlin (Bayushi Yoshima)
  • Wargames (Fuzake Aramoro)
  • Lamia (Kaiya)
  • Amanda (Matsu Tora)
  • Ujina Junko
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