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Code of Conduct

This is a basic code of conduct that everyone can abide by, which is to be considerate of and respectful to others. The purpose of this code of conduct is to remind everyone what is appropriate behavior to help facilitate the best possible environment for everyone in the community.

These rules are not optional! By playing on the FRO8 site, you are agreeing to abide by these rules. Disregarding them will result in a temporary ban and repeated infractions can lead to permanent bans.

Be polite and respectful.

  • This means that you do not call people names or insult them. If someone is uncomfortable with a conversation or the context of a personal scene, they should politely ask that it be dropped and other players involved should respect that. This means that if you have a problem, you approach it calmly and state your case. If it’s a serious problem with another person, take it to the side. If it requires mediation, a GM will step in. That’s part of our job, and we actually have a special complaint department in the event of problems.
  • Racial, sexual, religious, cultural and gender-based insults are grounds for a three-day ban from chat. Pending the severity, it may result in further administrative action, up to and including banning from the site. Repeated instances of this will not be tolerated.
    • As an extension of this, harassment of other players is absolutely unacceptable. If someone is harassing you OOC, log it and send it to us. To be clear, repeatedly messaging someone to insult them, ask them unwanted OOC questions, or demand favors of any kind is harassment. No means no. Harassment will lead to a three-day ban from the chat, and may result in further administrative action, up to and including banning from the site.
  • No cybering on this site. If you're playing a romantic plotline, fade to black when the characters are kissing for more than one post in duration.
  • If you have a question about something, or are concerned about something that you’ve heard, come to the staff rather than going through the rumor mill. We can answer the question definitively and rumors can’t.
  • Keep IC IC and keep OOC OOC. Just because a samurai is Brash and Overconfident doesn’t mean the player is against you personally. If your PC has an issue with another player’s PC, it never hurts to say something OOC to ensure that it’s clear you understand this is just a game and the issue is only an in-character one. Please also remember that this is a new FRO. Everyone has a clean slate.
  • We know that sometimes people have bad days and bad moments and can say something they regret. If you are curt or abrupt or say something that upsets another player, own up and apologize and it will be forgiven. There are exceptions to this, listed below, for disrespectful behavior that is grounds for immediate banning– namely extremely offensive comments and harassment.
    • If there is a pattern of needing to apologize for rudeness, however, we’re going to abide by a three-strikes policy: after three strikes, there will be a conversation with a staff member regarding this problematic behavior. After a staff member has to speak to you about your behavior, it’s a three-day ban.
    • If another player has a bad day and lashes out a bit, accept their apology. Once an apology is made in the public channel, drop it and move on. If you were personally attacked or insulted, talk to them on the side, or bring someone from the staff in if you feel you must have it moderated.
  • Threatening other players OOC will not be tolerated. Whether you are threatening them physically or threatening to ruin their enjoyment of the game, if you threaten another player, you will be banned for a week from the chat and forums and you will only be allowed to return to the site after a full administrative review from the staff. If you have threatened a player in your sphere or delegation, you may be removed from that group to protect that player. Please note that this applies to OOC threats– if one samurai threatens another IC, then there’s intimidation rolls versus etiquette and some honor is lost.

Don’t cheat.

  • This means you don’t fudge numbers, you don’t use OOC information IC, and you don’t lie OOC (IC lies are fair game, but so are IC checks to find out if a PC is lying). If you cheat, it will be found out. The first time you cheat, you will receive a week long ban from the chat and forums. Cheating will also result in further administrative action, up to and including permanent banning from the site.
    • As a reminder, metagaming is a specific type of cheating. Metagaming is the use of OOC information IC, such as looking at dice roller results for opposed checks, roll names, IC letters, and other such things and then using that information in-character.
    • For use of Void Points or techniques that allow a character to learn information like ATN or traits or disadvantages, it is an established rule within the source material with mechanics to support it and is not considered cheating to use it. However, if such a technique were successfully used on your PC, lying about the answers would be considered cheating.

Respect the GM rulings.

  • You can see there are very few rules– basically, treat others as you want to be treated. We make our rulings based on what will be the most fun for the greatest number of people. Not every ruling will always be in your favor, so it’s important to accept that a cooperative venture means compromise for the sake of the larger community.
  • You get a single chance to repeal a ruling if you believe it is genuinely unfair, and that involves bringing in the Head GMs. Once a ruling is finalized with the staff and the Head GMs, however, it’s not changing.

As with any game system, we also have a Game Master Code of Conduct. This is our promise to you, the players, to facilitate a respectful environment.

Game Master (GM) Code of Conduct

  • I will execute the duties of the position for which I am volunteering.
  • I will be fair and impartial in dealings with my fellow players, especially when taking disciplinary action.
  • I will be responsive to the concerns of my fellow players.
  • I will be supportive, helpful, and patient toward my fellow GMs.
  • I will not seek to intentionally upset my fellow players.
  • I will be aware that my words and actions reflect on the GM Team and affect other players' opinions about the GM Team and the community in general.
  • I accept that my position as a GM comes with power over other players. I will not abuse this power and I will not take actions based on any personal out of character conflicts or problems.
  • I understand that Legend of the Five Rings contains mature content, such as graphic violence and suicide, that may be triggering or distressing to other GMs or players. I will respect these opinions and, if informed of such, will adjust my scenes as necessary.
  • I will help my fellow players to turn their ideas into workable plans to achieve reasonable goals, with definable steps and understandable challenges to success.
  • I will be patient with the inherent difficulties of online communication and will be respectful when handling any problems on the chat, forums, or one-on-one interactions with community members so that I am not misunderstood and thus make a problem worse.
  • I will not use information available to me as part of the GM Team–whether from character threads, GM forum threads, or Team discussions–to benefit my character or those close to my character.
  • I will be open about my concerns to the Head GMs if I am not having fun being part of the GM Team.
  • I will stay in communication with the rest of the GM Team via the forums and Skype about my ability to contribute to Five Rings Online, particularly about any absences I take.
  • I understand that if my behavior is found to be inappropriate or lacking, I can and will be removed from the GM Team and potentially from Five Rings Online.
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