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Post Sanctioning Instructions

Once you have received your Mechanics and Story Stamps your application will be moved to a subforum in the Sphere you selected in on your character sheet. This is your Personal Forum and everything in it can be seen only by you and the GM Team.

Once this is done there are three threads that you will need to create so that the GM Team can interact with you.

  1. Weekly Actions
    1. This is where you will post your FBAs1)
  2. Requests
    1. this is where you will spend your XP, request adjustments to your sheet, make lifestyle purchases, Etc.
  3. Crafting
    1. This is where you build things, write letters, create art, Etc.

Each of these will be monitored by the GM Team and each has certain protocols in place to make them easier for the GMs to handle. You may find more information on these protocols on the forums or by asking fellow players.

Make a FBA thread

In your personal forum create a thread named 'Your_Name's Thread Actions'
Copy/Paste the following to be your first post:

[b][u]Forum Based Actions are due the on first day (Sunday) of the week[/u][/b]

[size=large]FBA Template[/size]

[b[size=Medium]Season x, Week y[/size][/b]
[b]GM: [Sphere or specific GM running the plot or NPC; Gentry;][/b]


*Add the decription of you action and make any rolls you feel relevant here*

If you aren't sure which GM to tag for an FBA, here's some pointers:
[*]Any actions dealing with heimin in the colony go to your Sphere GM's or Chuhai. 
[*]Any actions dealing with marriages go to GM Saelvarath. (If it involves an NPC, tag the GM that runs them in addition for collab power!)
[*]Any actions that involve funky new wildlife need to be run by Matsu Nishiura or the Exploration GM who introduced them.
[*]If you are trying to follow up information after a scene that a GM ran, tag the GM who ran the scene.
[*]If you are trying to deal with an NPC, tag the GM who runs them. the [url=]NPC Wiki[/url] will say who runs them
[*]If you are so far outside the box you don't even know what your action falls under, tag Unknown (and the Threadies and GM team will try to figure it out)

Make a Request Thread

Make a thread in your personal forum named 'Your_Name's Requests'
Copy/Paste the following to be your first post:

[u][size=x-large]XP Spending Request Template[/size][/u]

<Type>: [name and rank] (cost)

Stamina 4 (16xp)
Adv: Dangerous Beauty (2xp)
Emph: Kenjutsu (Scimitar) (2xp)

[list][*]If your purchase causes you to rank up, please include the technique you are gaining in the post.
[*]If there is something you want formatted it a specific way on you sheet, such as the wording of an emphasis, include that as well.

[u][size=x-large]Glory/Honour Request Template[/size][/u]

<type>: [change]
Provide an explanation/proof of your deeds and any relevant information

Glory: -0.2
Lost a duel with Mirumoto Murray (Private Room 3, 1 April 2017)

Honour: +0.1
Charged headlong into danger to rescue a peasant boy from an anaconda (Exploration Room 1, 12 January 2017)

Make a Crafting Thread

Create a thread in your personal forum named 'Your_Name's Crafting'
Copy/Paste the following to be your first post:

[u][size=x-large]Crafting Template[/size][/u]

[b]Features and Flaws[/b]: 
[b]Time Rating[/b]: 
[b]Glory Rating[/b]: 

[u]Project[/u]: The name or description of what you are making. More detail is better, especially for art projects

[u]Complexity[/u]: Complexity value of the project, please note anything that raises this beyond base value e.g. working with an unusual material, making a batch, having an insufficient workforce. etc.

[u]Scale[/u]: The Scale value of the project.

[u]Material[/u]: the Primary material of the project. While not require including both the TN and TR modifiers of the material makes things much easier on the GMs

[u]Raises[/u]: please note Called and Free Raises separately and what benefits you are using each for. e.g. Features or reducing crafting time

[u]TN[/u]: (Complexity + Scale + Material TN modifier)*5

[u]TR[/u]: (Complexity*3 + Scale*2 + Material TR modifier) please also note any effects that directly affect TR or Crafting Time

[u]Glory[/u]: (Complexity+Scale+Material TN modifier) - (3 if using a High skill or 5 if using a Merchant skill) + (1 for every two raises)

[list][*][url=]Crafting Wiki[/url]
[*][url=]Crafting Template[/url]
[*][url=]Crafting Thread[/url]
1) Forum Based Actions, AKA Thread Actions
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