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Please note that Schools are referred to by their associated Family names for the sake of brevity, except where there is no associated Family name (as in Lion Elite Spearman). In cases where there are multiple Bushi Schools associated with each Family, the following usage has been applied:

  • Hida = Hida Bushi
  • Hida Pragmatist = Hida Pragmatist
  • Hiruma = Hiruma Bushi
  • Hiruma Scout = Hiruma Scout
  • Daidoji = Daidoji Iron Warrior
  • Daidoji Scout = Daidoji Scout
  • Mirumoto = Mirumoto Bushi
  • Mirumoto TS = Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman
  • Matsu = Matsu Berserker
  • Matsu BM = Matsu Beastmaster 1)
  • Tsuruchi = Tsuruchi Archer
  • Tsuruchi BH = Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
  • Moto = Moto Bushi
  • Moto Vindicator = Moto Vindicator 2)
  • Utaku = Utaku Battle Maiden
  • Utaku MI = Utaku Mounted Infantry
Kata Ring ML Clan / School Source Page Notes
Breath of Wind Style Air 3 Kakita, Bayushi Core 259
Dance of the Winds Air 3 Daidoji, Shiba GC 202
Son of Storms Air 3 Akodo, Shosuro, Yoritomo GC 170
Strength of the Crane Air 3 Crane GC 74
Strength of the Mantis Air 3 Mantis GC 170
Striking as Air Air 3 Any Core 259
Hidden Blade Style Air 4 Bayushi, Yoritomo Core 259
Iron Forest Style Air 4 Daidoji, Shiba, Lion Elite Spearman, Toritaka Core 260
North Wind Style Air 4 Any Bushi Air 175
South Wind Style Air 4 Any Bushi Air 175
Veiled Menace Style Air 4 Bayushi, Hiruma, Tsuruchi, Yoritomo Core 260
The Empire Rests On Its Edge Air/Fire 3 Any (Kakita/Mirumoto -1 Ring) Fire 179 Now applies only to iaijutsu and kenjutsu attack rolls. Does not increase the cost of the chosen skill.
The World Is Empty Air/Fire 4 Any (Kakita/Mirumoto -1 ring) Fire 180
Victory of the River Air/Fire 5 Any (Kakita/Mirumoto -1 ring) Fire 180
Standing on the Heavens Air/Fire 6 Any (Kakita/Mirumoto -1 ring) Fire 180
Iron in the Mountains Style Earth 3 Daidoji, Hida Core 260
Power of the Mountain Earth 3 Hida, Hiruma, Matsu, Ichiro Earth 194
Strength of the Crab Earth 3 Crab GC 42
Strength of the Mountain Earth 3 Hida, Hiruma Scout, Shiba, Daidoji Earth 194
Strike as the Avalanche Earth 3 Hida, Hiruma, Ichiro, Moto, Moto Vindicator Earth 195
Striking as Earth Earth 3 Any Core 259
Indomitable Warrior Style Earth 4 Hida, Ichiro, Moto Core 260
Lee of the Stone Earth 4 Hida, Hida Pragmatist, Shiba, Daidoji Earth 195
Weathered and Unbroken Earth 5 Hida, Hiruma, Hiruma Scout, Ichiro Earth 195
Strength of the Dragon Fire 3 Dragon GC 104
Strength of the Scorpion Fire 3 Scorpion GC 230
Disappearing World Style Fire 4 Akodo, Kakita Core 259
Reckless Abandon Style Fire 4 Matsu, Usagi Core 260
Spinning Blades Style Fire 5 Mirumoto, Yoritomo Core 260
Striking as Fire Fire 3 Any Core 259
Balance the Elements Style Void 3 Mirumoto, Shiba Core 259
Strength of the Phoenix Void 3 Phoenix GC 202
Striking as Void Void 3 Any Core 259
Strength of Purity Style Void 4 Akodo, Kakita, Matsu, Utaku Core 260
Leaves in the Storm Water 3 Bayushi, Hiruma, Mirumoto, Shiba Water 177
Strength of the Lion Water 3 Lion GC 140
Strength of the Unicorn Water 3 Unicorn GC 260
Waves Upon the Breakers Water 3 Akodo, Kakita, Shinjo Water 177
Power of the Tsunami Water 4 Hida, Moto Water 177
Strength in Arms Style Water 4 Hida, Ichiro, Moto Core 260
Striking as Water Water 4 Any Core 259
Art of Ninjutsu Water 5 Bayushi, Daidoji Scout, Shosuro GC 283
1) , 2) While this school is not permitted for play it worth noting here because it mean bushi and ninja of the clan can learn this kata as per the sidebar on P.259
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