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Character Creation Instructions

Here is a guide to the basics of creating a character for play in Five Rings Online 8: World's Edge. We have some new requirements from previous venues, and we have some changes, in addition to the all-important information about how much experience you have to build with and the instructions for submitting to sanction.

Following these rules will help to make the sanctioning process go faster for everyone, which will help you to get in character and playing sooner!


There are a few important restrictions to keep in mind while creating your character. These are for game balance, protection for players, and to help make sure that it's the most enjoyable experience for the greatest number of people.

The following are banned for play, without exception:

  • Any character under the age of 18.
  • Non-human (Kenku, Naga, Nezumi, Ogre, Tsuno)
  • Spider (Spider is not a Great Clan in the setting)
  • The Lost or Tainted
  • Those touched by the Nothing in any of its incarnations
  • Kolat
  • Gozoku
  • Gaijin of any kind
  • Returned Spirits (or their descendants)
  • Members of the Imperial Families or their schools
  • Members of the kuge
  • Any school banned for play. See a complete list of playable and banned schools here.

Starting Experience

Characters begin with the standard 40 exp, but gain an additional 5 exp for doing the 20 Questions, plus another 10 exp for creating a character Wiki. Additionally, characters may take up to 10 exp in Disadvantages.

In addition you you gain Kharmic Experience. This is the pool of experience that gets increased every week that the game goes on. To see the current amount of Kharmic Experience check Here on the Forum.

This means that PCs may begin play with a 40 Base XP + 10 Wiki XP + 5 Twenty Questions XP + Kharmic XP and up to 10 Disadvantage XP.

How To Submit

  • To create a character on Five Rings Online 8, use the directions in the Core Book starting on page 99. These directions are also in this guide.
  • Click here for a full list of our House Rules, including changes to mastery abilities, and school techniques, families, etc. We have a full list of allowed and restricted Advantages and Disadvantages, and a full list of schools permitted for play here.
  • Click here for instructions on how to make a wiki page and here for a full list of the 20 Questions.

Once you have completed your character sheet, wiki, and twenty questions, you are ready to put up your application!

  • To submit your sheet, go to the Forums and click on “Applications.” There, you will find a template for your character sheet as well as more detailed submission instructions.
  • Copy the template from the forums– we require that you use it for everyone's ease.
  • Click “Post New Thread” in the “Character Sheets” subforum.
  • Paste the template into the body of your forum post, and fill in the information.
  • Fill in all mechanics of your sheet, including traits, rings, skills, skill rolls, damage rolls, equipment, techniques, kata, kiho, spells, status, glory, advantages, disadvantages, family, clan, and school.
  • Once you finish filling in your mechanics, begin answering the 20 Questions. You can have short answers for sanctioning and always add on to them later.
  • After you finish the 20 Questions, fill in your character's backstory. The backstory must address how the character got their advantages and disadvantages at least, and any details you want GMs to be aware of in play.
  • Double-check your work. Make sure that everything is as you want it to be, math is correct, and that the template is being used properly.
  • Click “Post Reply.” Your application will appear in the forum.


All players are required to answer the 20 Questions and make a wiki with at least basic information.
All players must spend all experience at Character Creation. You may not bank any for later.
All players are required to use the provided template for character sheets.

Your application MUST include:

  • Your character sheet, with all the mechanics. We will check your math, but it is faster if it’s right the first time.
  • Your forum handle/chat name.
  • The Sphere you wish to affiliate your character with. Note that this will not preclude interaction with players from other spheres or their plots, but there are many scenes which are only open through sphere affiliation, and fewer plots specifically designed as crossovers. Players may change their sphere subsequent to CC and during play, within reasonable limits.
  • A backstory explaining, at a minimum, how they got to the colony, and their disadvantages and advantages.
  • At least two goals for your character. At least one should be a long-term goal (something that takes months, years, or decades to accomplish, if ever), and the other a short-term goal (one that will take a season or two).
  • Your 20 Questions with their answers.
  • A link to your wiki page so we can add it to the PC page upon sanctioning.

The Approval Process

A minimum of two (2) Staff will look over your application during the approval process. We are going to work with you to make sure that the math is correct and that the character concept fits in well with the setting and timeline. If some adjustments need to be made, don’t worry! We are here to help make things work if they’re not working. Please note that you will be expected to know the three rules of the Code of Conduct before we allow you to play on the site.

Once a staff member has seen your application, they will create a private forum for your character, with your PC's name. This forum will include threads for your sheet, exp requests, and thread actions. Once your character sheet is in a private forum, the staff will begin checking through it and asking you questions.

If it is possible to catch you online, we will attempt to pull you aside into a private chat channel to discuss your application and get you sanctioned. However, we understand that timing is not always kind, and so we will also work on sanctioning through threads, too, to try and get everyone approved and playing IC as soon as possible.

A Note From the Staff

We would like to remind everyone that especially in the opening of the venue, sanctioning will be very crowded. We are going to operate on a first come, first serve basis, but we are also going to be cycling through multiple applications at once. If we send you to correct some problems and move to handle another player's application in the meantime, wait until we finish with them and then we will return to you. Please do not interrupt other people's sanctioning processes.

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