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Character Advancement

Spending Experience Points

Characters on Five Rings Online 8 will receive 5 Experience Points (XP) per Session1). XP is spent by posting requests on your private character forum in the thread you create for that purpose. In general, XP spending follows the rules in Core, pg. 104, but there are a few rules that govern how XP can be spent on FRO8:

Training Skills

Raising a skill happens immediately upon spending the XP. However there is a 'cooldown' of a number of weeks equal to the rank in the skill you just gained before you can raise that skill again.

  • Example: Kakita Kate buys rank 4 in iaijutsu, it takes her 4 weeks before she can purchase rank 5. She could however purchase rank 5 in Kenjutsu.

there are however some provisos:

  • Only one rank 1 Skill may be trained per week.
  • You may not raise a skill beyond the number of the current Season + 4. This limit is lifted Season 4 and beyond.
    • Example: in Season 3 no Skill or Trait can be raised beyond 7.

This training is assumed in the samurai's course of daily duties, as you have a duty to be the best samurai you can be for your lord, obviously. Use this as an RP2) opportunity if you want, but it's not required that you do.

You do not have to spend thread actions training. There is no mechanical benefit to doing so, but you might run you across an NPC or plot hook if you do.

Increasing Traits

Trait increases happen immediately upon spending the XP. However, an individual Trait may only be raised once per Season.

  • Example: Shiba Shirley begins the game with Void 2. She saves up 18 XP and trains Void 3 during Season 1. In order to train Void 4, she has to wait until the beginning of Season 2. She can choose to raise any other Trait during Season 1, however.

Kata and Kiho

Kata and Kiho purchases happen instantly. The rules for Kata and Kiho purchases are the same as during Character Creation.


Spells may not be purchased with XP. They may, however, be made Innate as described on p. 164 of the Core book.

Experience Point Costs

Rank Skill Trait Void
1 1 (1) - -
2 2 (3) - -
3 3 (6) 12 (12) 18 (18)
4 4 (10) 16 (28) 24 (42)
5 5 (15) 20 (48) 30 (72)
6 6 (21) 24 (72) 36 (108)
7 7 (28) 28 (100) 42 (150)
8 8 (36) 32 (132) 48 (198)
9 9 (45) 36 (162) 54 (252)
10 10 (55) 40 (202) 60 (312)
  • Emphasis: 2XP
  • Kiho: [Mastery Level]XP 3)
  • Kata: [Mastery Level]XP
  • Innate Spell: [Spell Level]XP

Ranking Up

When your character reaches a new Insight Rank, you will have the following options:

  • Continuing in your current school
  • Choosing one of the Alternate Paths listed here (after meeting the prerequisites)
  • Joining a different school (after obtaining admittance, paying 10 XP for the “Multiple Schools” advantage, and having 1 rank in each school skill of the new school)
  • Taking an Advanced School (after meeting the prerequisites and obtaining admittance)

For the most part, characters will be able to immediately obtain their new techniques, spells, kiho, kata, or school techniques. However, certain exceptions may be made for rare or unusual techniques

If you reach Insight Rank 6 and have finished your base school (or are a school-less ronin and have reached IR6), you may take a school rank or path for which you are eligible that you did not take at the appropriate level.

As with Advantages and Disadvantages, certain options have been banned for mechanical or setting reasons. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the GM team.

Insight Ranks

Insight = (10 x Total of all Rings) + (Total of all Skill Ranks) + (Any special bonuses)

  • 1-149: Rank 1
  • 150-174: Rank 2
  • 175-199: Rank 3
  • 200-224: Rank 4
  • 225-249: Rank 5
  • Every addition 25 points = 1 Rank

Advantages and Disadvantages

See Here for information about purchasing advantages or here for buying off disadvantages.

Copied from FRO7 files. Edited by GM Ria and GM Saelvarath

1) one week in real time
2) Role Play
3) *Non Brotherhood monk pay 1.5 - 2 times this cost see p.266 of the core book
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