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Tsuruchi Yashiro

Age: 26

Clan: Tsuruchi

Family: (Ashinagabachi) Yashiro has no remaining family. His father died fighting against the great evil, and his mother passed away recently after a long illness. He doesn't have any siblings, but he sees every Tsuruchi as a member of his family, and will go out of his way to help those in his clan.

Known History: Yashiro was born and raised in the Kyuden. He has been scouting ever since he was old enough and has found many samurai and brought them back to be tested and deemed worthy to join the resistance. He knows the lay of the land as well as any Tsuruchi and has spent enough time wandering the castle as a child to have found many of its secret passages. He carries no katana, which is not unusual for the Tsuruchi, but it is noticeable.

Notable Physical Characteristics: Sexy motherfucker, greying beard

Persons of Interest: 'Friends': Asahina Kurosawa, Asahina Kairi, Mushorai, Kuzen, Iori, Tsuruchi

Enemies: Fu Leng, Fu, Razor Wind

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