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Name: Sadake (meaning lost, possibly derived from “Sada” meaning “pure one”)

Age: 20 (Other than a few bits and pieces, the reign of Fu Leng is all Sadake has ever known)

Clan: Wasp

Current Theme: Johnny Cash - Hurt

Biographical Information

Sadake carries no katana.

Born and raised in Kyuden Ashinagabachi, Sadake's parents were slain during the opening years of Fu Leng's reign, leaving her and her identical sister Kira to be raised by her cousin Yashiro's family. They grew from mischievous youths to watchful sentinels of Wasp Lands, until they grew old enough to join the Resistance and be sent out into the world on missions. From one such mission, Sadake has recently returned, and for the first time she is alone.


Tsuruchi Kira: (Deceased.) Sadake's identical twin and fellow bushi. The two were inseparable, and even family sometimes struggled to pick out which was which. Kira is remembered as being the more idealistic of the two, though she could also be stern. A fellow bushi, Kira and Sadake left on a mission some months ago. Only Sadake returned, carrying the news and grief of her sister's death.

Tsuruchi Yashiro: All Wasp are family to each other, but in Yashori and Sadake's case, this is not just metaphorical but literal. Sadake's cousin, following the deaths of their parents she and her sister were practically raised in the household of Yashori and his parents. More like an older brother than a cousin, in their youth the trio of Yashori and the two sisters were known for a substantial amount of mischief.


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