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Name: Tsi Kenji

Age: 30s?

Clan: Oriole Family

Current Theme: Rodrigo Rodriguez - A Winter Night (冬の夜に)

Biographical Information

Publicly Known: One of the, at least currently known, (two?) remaining Tsi. Kenji has taken residence in Kyuden Ashinagabachi over the past several years, finding use and purpose in fielding the resistance.

Noticeable Characteristics:

Kenji may commonly be seen wearing a patch covering his (left) eye. In fact it is few times he has been seen without it, keeping the eye closed at all times though there is no visible damage to his face. He dresses plainly, daisho at his side although he does not have the same 'grace' in the way some might have from dressing this way and carrying a katana nearly their entire life.

It is often he is seen with drink, and not uncommon for the man to be found pursuing the fairer sex even if at times its to no avail.



Tsi Aya

The other of the (currently) last known Tsi. Slightly younger than Kenji, it is clear neither serve a mentor role to the other. Neither are the true masters that Tsi craftmanship is known for, but they have skill enough and their teachings to get there.


Kaiu Etsuko

Their connection is through Kenji's previous sensei. A friend of the crab, it was natural the student would see them on the occasions they visited, although rare given the distance between the wall and the capital.

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