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In the 9th Day, Month of the Ox, 1128 Isawa

The thundering sound of Togashi's defeat echoed in the throne room as the eight mortals observed the fight between gods with turmoil. His back broken the mysterious Kami fell to the ground shattering the tiles beneath him. Terrible and great, the Champion of Jigoku, Fu Leng gave a screech of triumph at the sight of his beaten foe. The 9th Kami then sighed, slowly and painfully transforming back into the frail and sickly form of Hantei XXXIX. The slightest whisper brushed across Mirumoto Hitomi's consciousness. 'Solve the riddle,' the voice of her Kami said. 'You are the answer to my question.' Realizing what was being asked of her the Dragon Thunder gave out the smallest of laughs. While the other Thunder's prepared to strike down the tainted god in front of them Hitomi instead ran to the body of the dying Kami. The tattooed god's breast was open beneath her revealing the smallest hint of a black cylinder. The whispers that had been plaguing her mind for years were silent. Hitomi's thoughts were clear. Togashi would die. For Rokugan. For her brother. The Obsidian Hand was raised striking into the chest of the god and crushing his heart. From within, she pulled the Black Scroll out and held it with her other hand. One god was dead, another would soon follow.

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