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 [[https://​​fXSaepRL|Targeted Breakdown]] w/ Tsuruchi Yashiro [[https://​​fXSaepRL|Targeted Breakdown]] w/ Tsuruchi Yashiro
-[[|Hot Topic]] w/ GM Hello!+[[|Hot Topic]] w/ GM Hello
 +[[https://​​2pXPCTZz|An Unusual Discussion]] w/ Mushorai, Mako, Kuzen, Kairi and a cameo from GM Taiko!
-[[pagename|link text]]+[[https://​​hmKNEsVC|Shiro Struts his Stuff]] w/ Kairi!
-[[pagename|link text]]+[[https://​​qzCwUcyk|Yash and the Stampede]] w/ Yashiro 
 +[[https://​​Y81X3sY3|The Brilliant Brush, The Beautiful Bandage, and the Blade]] w/ Sachio and Kairi! 
 +[[https://​​gANccdz2|Love and Roar]] w/ Kairi!
 [[pagename|link text]] [[pagename|link text]]
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 [[pagename|link text]] [[pagename|link text]]
 +[[pagename|link text]]
 =====STATS===== =====STATS=====
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