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Full Name
Asahina Kurosawa

Twenty One

Unicorn - Shinjo Family Crane - Asahina Family

Shinjo Bushi

His mother, Shinjo Kasuga, was the only daughter of a daimyo. She caused him (Kurosawa's grandfather) great misery, as she was a wild, independent and incredibly competitive spirit, who had more compassion for animals and the common man than her fellow samurai. She enrolled in the school of the Utaku Battle Maidens, and served the Unicorn well as a mounted infantry, protecting the family, the clan and those who could not defend themselves from the dangers of the desert despite her family reputation. She was a hero to commoners, from bonge to hinen and even eta, as her compassionate spirit often drew her to their plight. Even to the Unicorn, this was not always acceptable. She even caused scandal due to challenging a fellow Shinjo to a duel, as she had discovered evidence of him abusing the commoners under his protection.

His father, Asahina Kenshin, was a Crane Shugenja who had travelled to the Unicorn lands to find a cure for a coughing ailment he had suffered all his life. His lungs were weakened by this disease, and he was very cautious and timid. He was the youngest of many, so his father had granted him permission to leave. The journey was not the longest, but due to his condition it was exacerbated. Away from the coastal land and into the drier plains, his constitution slowly regained itself over time. His caravan traveled to the cities but he often left them behind to explore the wilderness. The rugged, untamed region held a whole host of animals he had never seen, and he fell in love with the area, creating paintings of the (new to him) creatures and drawing detailed sketches into scrolls which held information and observations about all the wondrous creatures.

It was on one of the Asahina's outings into the wilderness he witnessed a sight that would change his life. A samurai-ko, astride her great horse, racing down a bare mountain to escape a pair of mountain lions in the full moon. He was too far away to assist, so all he could do was helplessly watch from a nearby cliff. A clawed paw managed to catch onto the horse's flank, which caused it to stumble and the felines began to gain. The samurai-ko turned, and disembarked alongside her horse, running and drawing her katana before turning to face the apex predators. The horse collapsed behind her, and she leapt forward, fighting tooth and nail against claw and fang. She was victorious, slaying the cats, but falling from exhaustion. The shugenja finally sprang to life, having been mesmerized by the scene, and found the Battle Maiden unconscious. He set up a camp and tended to her wounds, using his knowledge of the local flora in addition to his medicinal training. Between treatments, he painted, more inspired than he had ever been, brush wetly flying as he recreated the scene of the samurai-ko fighting for her life against the lions.

When the Unicorn bushi awoke, she was grateful to the handsome Crane shugenja who saved her life. That is the story of how Shinjo Kasuga met Asahina Kenshin. They traveled the land together, she showed him the most beautiful and wild regions of the Unicorn lands, and he told her many wonderful tales and painted the most beautiful paintings, often of her, which delighted her. It took some convincing, but the Shinjo coerced the Asahina to marry into her family. Despite the reputation of her family, he agreed, and the two wed underneath another full moon.

Kurosawa's matriarchal grandfather is Shinjo Keiji, a minor provincial daimyo with no heirs other than his daughter and grandchildren. His wife was a Utaku who married into the Shinjo family upon retiring as an Utaku Battle Maiden, which caused quite a stir. This was not long lived however, as she died upon giving birth to Kasuga. In an attempt to appease the Utaku, he offered his daughter to them to attend their school and serve in their calvary, and she would be allowed to inherit his position once he passed. His territory is small, an oasis hidden in the desert that is central to the roaming clan's survival. At most, he has had 3 samurai under his command to assist in the duty of protecting the people, but nowadays it has fallen to only himself, as everyone has vanished or left. He is a very protective and wise leader, not nearly as strict as he used to be as he has been softened in his later years by his late wife and daughter. The bonge under his protection are endeared to him and while many peasants would not hesitate to turn in a samurai to the new Rokugani order, they do not. While he is still strong, his old age is catching up to him, and is very hard of hearing.

Kurosawa has an elder sister, who was sent away at a young age to live with the Ide. This was done in part of a prearranged marriage, and even more details are underway, coming soon...!

As a child, Kurosawa was often lonely. His parents were often on adventure, serving the world and each other. His sister he had never even known, having left his household for (hopefully) greater things when he was just a babe. His only companions were the servants, his tutor, and the animals of the estate, as his grandfather was emotionally distant and also had duties as a daimyo. The day that a young girl, the daughter of a samurai who was visiting on a long mission from his own daimyo, snuck into his private play area was both exciting and terrifying. Her name was Li, and she drew the Shinjo from his shell, often helping the boy sneak out of his family estate and into the town and beyond. She loved to sing, pretending to be a famous singer, and taught him the male parts so she could also sing the duets in full. He would take her into the stables and let her pet the beautiful Unicorn clan ponies, and even snuck them out so they could ride alongside each other. They pretended to be shinobi, sneaking into buildings they were not allowed to, planting devilish notes stealthily on the backs of passersby, and all kinds of mischief. The terrible duo were the true terror of the town, especially when they learned how to drop from the ceiling onto the heads of unsuspecting peasants.

In time, enough was enough. The grandfather eventually heard of such rumors, and confronted the boy. He could not allow such foolishness, the peasants were human beings, not insects to be toyed with. No longer as meek, the younger Shinjo admitted to his crimes, but also bowed deeply and requested forgiveness with sincerity from the depths of his very heart, vowing to never be a nuisance to the bonge ever again. The display caught the old man off guard, and he tried to remain stern. But Keiji's coldness broke, and he laughed and granted the boy his forgiveness, warning him to not cause any more trouble, and that if he did he was certainly not to escape discipline. Li was officially allowed to visit and their activities became more wholesome, less mischievous, although on one occasion he broke his arm falling from a pony while trying to stand up in it's saddle in an attempt to show off to Li.

Unfortunately, dark times were afoot. The Thunders were defeated, and a Thousand Years of Darkness began. The children didn't understand it in full, but the village adults were worried, always talking in hushed whispers. Times were not as innocent, and they were afraid together, talking about what they gathered from the adults. Even Keiji could not conceal his fear, and this shook Kurosawa almost down to the core, as he had never seen the old man be afraid. The village relocated themselves more frequently, in new locations that the boy hadn't seen before. The adults did not mask their worries from the children; they were constantly worn out, strained from stress of the constant upheaval and increased danger from the new empire. This change of life caused him to be afraid, but Li would assure him that when she grew up, she would save the world from the darkness so no one would have to be afraid anymore. It was a very serious declaration; she even swore an oath to him that she'd do it, and he believed her. She also made him swear to help her, and he begrudgingly agreed, not really sure how he'd be of any use.

Eventually, they were taken apart from each other; Kurosawa to attend samurai training from a trusted sensei in the wilderness, and Li left, to her family he presumed, or for schooling of her own. Before he left, his parents visited him and fawned over him, how he had grown so big and fast. He relished their attention, showing off for them all that he knew. He sang his heart out, raced his mother and almost keeping pace with her, doing all he could for their praise and attention. It was a drug that he desperately craved, and he savored every drop of it. Unfortunately, it could not last, as he was at last sent off into the wilderness with instructions on how to find this particular, peculiar, nomadic Shinjo Bushi school.

In his school years he was reckless and wild, performing acrobatic maneuvers on horses (thanks to hours of practice as a child with no adults to say no) and running like the wind. They were taught to hide, to evade their enemies; the Dark Moto were always a danger in the lives of the Shinjo, but now they had new enemies that sought them out. In his training, he held nothing back, as the despair of losing his partner in crime quickly faded into excitement as samurai school seemed to be his calling. A prodigy, some said, and his sensei could not help but agree, as the boy from the desert oasis excelled in the school's teachings. It was rumored that he excelled, not due to a pure desire to further himself, but because the rare praise from his sensei lit a spark inside of him that yearned for more validation. However, such rumors were obviously baseless.

Kurosawa completed his gempukku and returned home to begin his duties. His grandfather held for him a small welcome dinner of his favorite dish (roasted calf), but his parents were not in attendance; as a matter of fact they had not been seen since he had been sent off to school. However, Li also had returned to the small nomadic village, and he was overjoyed to see her. She now wore a red and black kimono, and the girl had matured in her time away, becoming more serious. Still, they sang together and when night fell they sat in a rare desert tree, overlooking the village from the heights and catching up and discussing their hopes and dreams. With the world changing and plunging into a darkening age, she explained that when she was finished with her gempukku, she would make her way to the resistance and lend her assistance in returning Rokugan to it's former glory. He, had never really thought of what he would do. Probably stay with the small nomadic group, and help his grandfather. She was unimpressed and rebuked him, saying he had a duty to bring peace back to the world. He had promised, after all. He laughed, but said he would help once his duty to his grandfather had passed; his grandfather had no able bodied samurai anymore and was only one man to protect the village. As the night wore on, they fell asleep leaning against each other, at peace, the world seeming right for a short time. Until the boy woke, and the girl was gone.

The Shinjo Bushi began to return to his tent, but before he made it, he saw a shadow moving ahead of him among the larger tents. His body tensed, afraid for it did not call out to him, but he began to follow it. It led him down all the twists and turns of his estate but he was not easily shaken off it's trail. Finally, it appeared to reach it's destination: in front of his grandfather's personal quarters. He only just caught the hint of a breeze to his left, and sidestepped, most narrowly avoiding a gleaming blade. An attacker, in his own village? His first thought was of fear; had the intruder hurt Li? He prayed with all his heart that she was safe, his own katana drawn as he was on the back foot, fending off the assassin's metallic assault. If he had not shown up at that time, his grandfather would surely have been doomed, as he was nearly deaf now in his old age and never would have heard his demise coming. This unfortunately meant that Kurosawa was alone in this fight; the servants quarters was all the way across the entire estate. Swords flashed, swinging with deadly intent, and as the fight went on he gained more confidence, slowly pushing his shadowy opponent back into a corner. An opportunity; the assassin was slowed, maybe tired, maybe a trick. He went all in, and his gleaming blade sang as it greedily plunged into the abdomen of his opponent.

It was then the figure finally made a noise. A gasp, sharp and terrified. A gasp that sank his heart to the bottom of his soul, a gasp that he recognized from years ago. His favorite gasp. He pulled the blade back and with a quick motion removed the assassin's mask, praying to the fortunes that it could not be. But it was. A pair of golden eyes, watery with pain, met his anguished gaze. It was Li. She had returned, not for him, but under a nefarious influence. The taint had seeped into her and clouded her mind. It whispered dark things and implanted the seeds of doubt into her thoughts, that the old man was planning on betraying her and Kurosawa to the Obsidian Empire. But now thanks to her friend, the evil plan had failed, and her mind began to clear as she realized what was done. He opened his mouth to call for help, but she placed a quavering finger on his lips and shook her head. He held her tightly, her life force seeping out and staining his beautiful kimono, as the sun rose for the last time in the girl's life. With her final words, she did not beg for forgiveness, or regret, but she confessed her love for him and gave him a soft kiss, before shuddering and exhaling her final breath. With that, it finally sank in, and he wept over her cold form as the sun warmly shone down on him.

His life was more hollow, empty. He hid the evidence of the attack, and attempted to make arrangements to have her body sent back home. But he never actually knew her family, nor did his grandfather. Instead, a funeral pyre was held for her in the moonlight sands. While the villagers attended and knew of her, they did not know her like Kurosawa had. Too many times to count, he had to raise his sleeved arm to his face to stealthily wipe away tears that dared escape his eyes, but he could not fully conceal it. The funeral seemed to last a lifetime, never ending, but at least, he was alone with the pyre. After murmuring his prayers for Li, he confessed that he loved her as well, leaving rare, desert flowers in bloom and a small toy horse at her monument, before turning and taking the most agonizing walk home.

The years passed slowly, agonizingly. Lifelessly, the bushi attended to his duties, unsure of what to do in his life anymore. Once again, he felt alone in the world, but this time there wouldn't be a surprise, friendly intruder to brighten it up. Not too much longer, he asked permission of his grandfather to leave and serve at the Castle of the Wasp with the Resistance. He no longer had a goal in his life, but maybe he could accomplish Li's goal for her. Better than being a husk, mindlessly going day by day. Keiji was hesitant, but permitted it, as the rest of Rokugan was falling rapidly into chaos and needed as many samurai as it could.

Life at Castle of the Wasp
To be filled. Currently he has been there for two whole months wow. He assists with taking care of animals and hunting for food, and is known to be compassionate (although sometimes too compassionate) to the commoners.

Physical Description
Asahina Kurosawa is a pretty boy, to be sure. Tall for a Rokugani (at 5'11") and lean would certainly make him stand out enough. But his short cut hair is also dyed white, as his hair is very fair already. His eyes are a steely grey, but not hardened, just sad at times. From a distance he looks frosty and cold, or morose, often lost in thought about his past. He oftentimes wears simple garb of a soft purple, to represent his clan, with the mon of the Shinjo across his heart. He's right handed, and thus wears his daisho leaning more to the left.

to be filled in


Twenty Questions
What clan does your character belong to? Unicorn Clan. Shinjo Kurosawa is a young member of the Unicorn Clan, born only a few years before the defeat of the Seven Thunders.
What family is your character a part of? The Shinjo family.
What class is your character? Bushi, trained in the Shinjo Bushi School.
How would others describe your character? Beautiful. Distant. Melancholy. Angsty. Solemn. The samurai sometimes struggles to maintain his On due to his internal guilt. There are times when he appears to return to his old, reckless and happy self, but it is only momentarily. Physically, he has lovely snow white hair and steel grey eyes. His voice is soft and gentle, almost melodic with a hint of sadness. He is 181 cm (5'11“) and weighs 82 kg (181 lbs)
What is your character's main motivation? To join the Rokugani Resistance against Fu Leng in place of his friend, who died in an accident, and maybe find peace and redemption.
Who is the person your character trusts most in the world? His grandfather, as the only others he trusted are not around.
What does your character think about bushido? He does not struggle to uphold it and tries to live it as best he can, but he does suffer from regret at times. It weighs heavily on his mind, although he does his best to not brood and waits until he has privacy
What is your character's greatest strength and weakness? (personality / traits / physically) Kurosawa is a Unicorn, blooded and raised. His primary strength is his speed, whether he is on a horse or on foot. He has a natural flair for athleticism, combined with his disregard towards his self preservation allows him to push himself to his limits. He is also extremely well trained with his katana, although at times his doubt seeps in and affects his swings. He is stealthy from years of practice as a child and then having additional school training in stealth.
What does your character think about their clan? There could be no other clan for him, and while they have a terrible streak behind their name, that is not how (he is sure of) they are now, and he is proud to be a Shinjo.
Is your character married? No.
What are your character's prejudices? The Crane and their elegance in their movements are endearing to him, so while he is not so refined, he tries to be graceful and elegant in his movements as well. He is not fond of what remains of the Scorpion clan, as he does not understand why they do the things they do, nor are they going to explain themselves. This indirectness is tough for a member of a clan taught to be honest and sincere. He does not have other prejudices, as he has had limited contact with any of the other clans, being relatively sheltered so far away from them. He is compassionate towards those lesser than him, and loves animals. However, he does not have a favorite animal to date.
What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? The sensation of speed, and horses. Going fast is his favorite. He does not appreciate surprises, as surprises are usually terrible. He also does not like seafood.
What are your character's mannerisms? He is observant and quiet. You cannot be a fool if you have not spoken like a fool. At times he seems to become lost in his own thoughts, thinking about his past. However, some of his mother's compassion flows through his veins, and he takes pity upon the bonge, often willing to assist them in their problems. He is not on her level however, and will attempt to maintain duty above compassion if it comes down to it. He can also sleep standing up, to give the appearance that he is standing guard. This pairs well with his light sleep as he will usually wake if sound draws near.
What about their emotions and psychological state? He is sad, still unable to get over what happened in his past. He tries to shore it up by doing good when he can. Very rarely does he smile, and rarer still is it genuine, as sometimes one must feign a smile in court. When not explicitly on court duty he has more time to think, which causes him to struggle with his On, but as years pass he is improving at keeping his On stable. On talking with others, he will attempt to be pleasant, but not more than necessary.
How would your character handle a subordinate's innappropriate behavior? An insubordinate's innappropriate behaviour is unacceptable. He will scold them, for that is the way. If it has to come to it, he will discipline them. It is against his wishes, but he must put duty above his emotions. However it is rare that he is in a position to have subordinates.
How would your character's parents describe them? Not very well, as they were fairly absent throughout his life.
What is your character's highest ambition? If he could, to right his past wrong and prevent it from happening. Otherwise, to become the fastest, horseman and athlete, on a personal physical level. To restore Rokugan on a goal level, and retake the Jewel of the Desert, Medinaat-al-Salaam, so the Unicorn may know the relative peacefulness that he knew growing up.
How religious is your character? Very. While he is Unicorn, he embraces the religious teachings of Rokugan in full. His grandfather did not argue against it, nor did he have any Unicorn specific worship, so that is how Kurosawa ended up being that way.
How should your character die? From a surprise, alone, slowly, so he may agonize over his thoughts and never find peace in the end.


Social Links
Ide Toghrul A tactician at Kyuden Ashinagabachi. A fellow Unicorn from the Ide Family, who is in a dutiful arranged marriage with Kurosawa's elder sister, thus making Kurosawa his brother in law. He has two children.
An animal caretaker and huntress at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, who works with Kurosawa. One of the few women taller than himself. Kitsune Shinobu
Asahina Kairi A teacher and a doctor at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, she is Kurosawa's cousin, as their fathers were siblings. A lovely woman who is slowly losing her sight.
A very talented scholar at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, who teaches, it seems, about most anything. Kurosawa attends his lectures when they are about Crane, and their history. Shiba Koshiro
Jirozame Mako A fiery young man who has also recently arrived at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, with his servant Mamimi in tow. Mako's hotheaded and fierce methods sharply contrast with Kuro's calm headed and compassionate ways. Fire and Ice, they will likely clash and butt heads almost over everything.
An ex-Crane Bushi (a Daidoji, as a matter of fact) who is now a member of the Shark Clan. They both enjoy meat, and details further along than that will be hammered out eventually..! Jirozame Shinkai
Ikoma Chiaki A Lion the samurai encountered one morning in the streets while tending to a horse.
A slight, almost willowy statured woman from years in the wilderness. Her skin is usually quite pale despite all her travels. Her hair is dark brown, long and kept in a simple foxtail. Often, she carries a fan in her obi. Her voice is very musical in nature.
A Phoenix Shugenja, who got to ride upon Kurosawa's pony during an important mission (Big Trouble, Little Village) and granted him blessings during the duration of the exercise, which became very real and dangerous. She caught a bunny, which he currently is caring for in his travel pack until he has opportunity to return it. Shiba Nichie
Image or Physical Description
Fu A monk Kurosawa had a brief encounter with during a scouting mission (Big Trouble, Little Village) who used kiho on him, and spoke of a “Path to Enlightenment.” The kiho made his body lighten and feel great, so he must be an honorable man.
Description Kuzen
Horiuchi Temujin Description
Description Tsuruchi Yashiro
Kitsuki Shion Description
Description Doji Sachio
link text Description
Image or Physical Description
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Image or Physical Description
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Image or Physical Description
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Image or Physical Description
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Image or Physical Description
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Unicorn Shinjo : +1 Reflexes The Shinjo family ruled the Unicorn Clan for most of their history, although in the latter portion of the Empire's development they were removed from power by their founder, the Kami Shinjo, due to corruption within their ranks. The Shinjo are an affable, industrious family whose members adapt easily to almost any task set before them, and who work well with others in virtually any situation.
Advantage: Daredevil (Mental) You have a natural flair for athleticism and a complete lack of self-preservation when it comes to physical damage. Whenever you spend a Void Point to enhance an Athletics Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 to the total of the roll instead of the normal +1k1. Mantis characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.
Advantage: Prodigy (Physical) You are a marvel of the dojo, and your sensei believe that you will accomplish incredible things in your lifetime. Whenever you make a School Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the roll.
Disadvantage: Lost Love (Mental) You shared a bond of true love with someone once, and have since lost it. This need not be romantic love, as familial or brotherly love lost is equally tragic. You tend to suffer bouts of melancholy when reminded of your lost love. When you are reminded of your loss, all your TNs are increased by 5 until you spend a Void Point to regain your focus. This disruption of your concentration cannot happen more than twice per day, and at least one hour must pass between instances.
Disadvantage: Doubt Kenjutsu (Mental) Something has happened to cause you to question your training, so much so that it interferes with your ability to perform properly. Select one of your School Skills. Every time you use this Skill, you must declare one Raise that confers no benefit.
Disadvantage: Unlucky 1 (Spiritual) Fortune favors the mortal man… just not in your case. A number of times per session equal to your rank in this Disadvantage, the GM may force you to immediately re-roll one roll, keeping the second roll in all cases.
Shinjo Bushi IR1: +1 Agility The Shinjo excel at mounted tactics, a trait common to all Unicorn bushi traditions. The family's fighting techniques incorporate a number of gaijin fighting methods encountered during the clan's centuries of travel outside the Empire, and as a result they employ a unique defensive style that depends on concepts such as the active parry, riposte, and other such oddities that most Rokugani are unfamiliar with.
Shinjo Bushi Technique Rank 1: The Way of the Ki-Rin The Shinjo family's natural affinity for horsemanship is immediately obvious and pervades their every action. When spending a Void Point to add +1k1 to any School Skill Roll, you may also add your Horsemanship to the total. This bonus cannot be used while in the Center Stance.
Shinjo Scout IR2 Alternate Path The Unicorn Clan traveled through the dangerous lands outside Rokugan's borders and uncovered threats on every horizon. It soon became apparent that the band of heroes needed an advance unit traveling before them to skirt the most dangerous enemies. The Shinjo family accepted this duty. The Shinjo Scouts soon became adept in quietly stalking through foreign lands, comfortable as if they were in their own homes. Upon the Unicorn Clan's return to Rokugan the Shinjo Scouts traded knowledge with the Hiruma Scouts of the Crab Clan and grew even more formidable.
Shinjo Scout Technique Rank 1: The Swift Soul The Shinjo Scout learns to slip by unnoticed, even deep in enemy territory. You may use the Stealth Skill while on horseback. You are considered to have the Way of the Land Advantage no matter where you are. Finally, you gain +1k0 to all attack rolls while Mounted.
Rings and Attributes
Earth 3
Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Air 3
Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Water 2
Strength 2 Perception 2
Fire 3
Agility 4 Intelligence 3
Void 2
(School) Athletics 3 (Strength) 1) Athletics 2) Mastery Ability Rank 3 3) 5k2 STR / 7k4 AGI 4)
(School) Defense 1 (Reflexes) 5) Defense 6) Mastery 7) 4k3 8)
(School) Horsemanship 3 (Agility) 9) Horsemanship 10) Mastery Rank 311) 7k4 12)
(School) Kenjutsu 4 (Agility) 13) Kenjutsu 14) Mastery Rank 3 15) 8k4 16)
(School) Kyujutsu 1 (Reflexes) 17) Kyujutsu 18) Mastery 19) 4k3 20)
(School Choice) Stealth 3 (Agility) 21) Stealth 22) Mastery Rank 3 23) 7k4 24)
Perform: Song 1 (Awareness) 25) Perform: Song 26) Mastery 27) 4k3 28)
Hunting 1 (Perception) 29) Hunting 30) Mastery 31) 3k2 32)
Animal Handling 1 (Awareness) 33) Animal Handling 34) Mastery 35) 4k3 (MERCHANT)
Games: Kemari 1 (Agility) 36) Games: Kemari 37) Mastery 38) 5k4 39)
Medicine (Intelligence) 40) Medicine 41) Mastery 42) 4k3 43)
Etiquette (Awareness) 44) Etiquette 45) Mastery 46) 4k3 47)
Row 1 Col 1 Row 1 Col 2 Row 1 Col 3 Row 1 Col 4
Row 1 Col 1 Row 1 Col 2 Row 1 Col 3 Row 1 Col 4


Starting Kit

1 Sturdy Kimono, plain purple

1 Light Armor, damaged from Season Finale Mission

1 Katana and 1 Wakizashi (Daisho)

1 Bow

1 Knife

1 Travelling Pack

10 Koku

1 Unicorn Riding Horse, pure white (Shiro!)


1 Fancy Kimono, Decorated purple (From Toghrul in the Longest Road Raid)

Black Ribbon (From Kenjutsu Tournament)

Green and Grey Ribbon (From Kyujutsu Tournament)

Black Quiver (From Kyujutsu Tournament Round 2)

A floor cushion stitched to show a different scene of bowistry. Animals, people, ghosts, and monsters are featured (From Kyujutsu Tournament Round 2)

Copy of a ghost story with commentary to explain the background of it (From Storytelling Tournament) Bottle of Warm Wind Sake, half full (From Poetry Tournament)

1 Hankerchief with Kairi's name embroidered onto it.

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no emphasis
The training that every bushi student receives includes vigorous physical conditioning. For some, this results in a lifelong enjoyment of athletics. Like many who pursue a martial lifestyle, some bushi spend their off duty hours engaging in competitions with one another, or simply pitting themselves against challenges designed to test the limits of their physical abilities. Athletics covers many areas normally governed by Trait rolls. If you have a background in Athletics, however, you can perform these activities, principally climbing, running, and swimming, with considerably more ease than most. Athletics can also increase your capacity for movement, even when restricted by heavy armor and the like. The Throwing Emphasis allows you to throw items with greater accuracy, including certain weapons such as knives or even the wakizashi. Using Athletics to throw a weapon offensively is considered an attack roll.
Moderate Terrain no longer impedes movement, and movement across Difficult Terrain reduces the character's Water Ring by 1 instead of 2.
4) , 8) , 12) , 16) , 20) , 32)
A warrior who cannot defend himself is of little use, for he will serve his lord but once in battle before he falls and must be replaced. The Rokugani understanding of battle does not permit things such as parries and ripostes, but instead involves positioning one's blade and body so that the katana and armor deflect incoming blows. Defense is an essential Skill necessary to adopt the Defense and Full Defense stances, both of which increases your Armor TN and make you more difficult to hit in a skirmish or a duel.
7) , 19) , 27) , 31) , 35) , 38) , 42) , 46)
The ability to use a mount is essential to participation in cavalry units, and to swift travel through the Empire. It is a utilitarian skill, taught in most bushi schools in the Empire without having any real degree of prestige attached (save among the ranks of the Unicorn Clan, who consider an inability to ride roughly equivalent to a crippling physical disability). In general, all samurai can ride a horse at normal speed on level ground without the need for a Skill roll - the Skill only comes into play when riding a horse in difficult or stressful situations (bat terrain, thunderstorm, combat, etc.). Individual types of horses react differently to various circumstances, and some can be much harder to control under stressful situations such as combat.
The character may utilize the Full Attack Stance when on horseback.
Katana Emphasis
Kenjutsu is the path of the sword, teh essential training in use of the katana and other blades that all bushi receive as part of their training. Almost without exception, the principle weapon training that all bushi recieve centers around the katana, the signature weapon of the samurai caste and the representation of a warrior's soul. All dojo offer weapon training in other areas for those interested in learning, but only the katana is considered mandatory, save perhaps for the bow in some areas.
The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0.
The art of the bow is an accepted part of all bushi's training, save perhaps for a handful of esoteric warriors who have placed misguided principle above practicality. To all others, the value of the bow in striking at an enemy who is not within range is obvious. Indeed, the wya of the samurai has sometimes been called the Way of the Horse and Bow. The Rokugani form of archery does not rely upon aiming, however, rather, the practitioners are taught to assess their target, then draw and fire as a smooth, fluid motion, the bow held near the waist at all times. As the saying goes, the arrow knows the way. A character making a ranged attack who is firing at someone within melee range suffers a penalty of -10 to the total of his attack roll.
Although generally a dishonorable practice, stealth has its uses in such situations as hunting or while scouting during a military engagement. For most samurai, however, these are necessary evils, and under any other circumstances, no honorable souls will ever dare disgrace themselves by sneaking about in the shadows like common criminals, or failing to face their opponents like true samurai would. While concealed via Stealth, you may take Move Actions. When taking a Move Action while using Stealth, you may only make Simple Move Actions, and these only you to move a number of feet equal to your Water Ring (although Mastery Abilities can increase this significantly). The Ambush Emphasis allows you to make a Stealth (Ambush) / Agility roll, contested by an opponent's Investigation (Notice) / Perception, to gain an advantage over them during the first round of combat if they are unaware of your presence. The Spell Casting Emphasis allows you to make a Contested Roll against an opponent's Investigation (Notice) / Perception when casting a spell. If you win, they are unable to determine where the spell originated from. You lose no Honor for using Stealth (Sneaking), although other Emphases do usually result in Honor loss as normal.
A character's Simple Move Actions while using Stealth allow him to move a distance equal to his Water x 5.
While not as numerous as other artisans, performers are still considered by many Clans to fulfill a vital aspect of maintaining Rokugan's culture. Musicians, orators, poets, and even acts are lauded in the highest circles of court because of the entertainment they provide. Many bushi have a different opinion on the value of a performer, but even they must admit that nothing rouses the spirits for war like a play wherein the actions of their ancestors are memorialized and the actions of their enemies demonized. Performers are not merely entertainment, but a form of living memory that all samurai enjoy, even if some of them do not always respect those who provide it. Perform Skill Rolls are made to complete a performance successfully. The TN for such a roll generally depends upon the mood of the audience and is determined by the GM.
28) , 39) , 43) , 47)
Hunting is a sport favored by warriors, even though game is rarely if ever consumed by members of the samurai caste. The types of game hunted in Rokugan can be quite dangerous, however, and as a result there is a great deal of survival knowledge associated with the sport of hunting. Hunting is never done with a samurai's daisho; it is typically performed either with bow and arrow or, in cases of particularly large game, spears. The Survival Emphasis allows you to forage for sustenance and shelter in the wilderness, with a TN varying upon the severity of the conditions (the forest is simpler than the mountains, which are simpler than the desert, etc.). The Tracking Emphasis allows you to locate and follow the tracks of prey through rural environments, although repeated Skill Rolls are necessary for longer trails. Trailblazing allows you to forge a trail through the wilderness that others can follow, making better time and requiring less work in order to follow.
Animals play a vital role in a number of samurai endeavors, including recreation, transportation, or the actual waging of war. Horses and falcons are the animals most commonly trained by samurai, but a number of others exist: the Lion Clan uses trained warcats in battle, the Unicorn use war dogs, and many families use trained pigeons to carry correspondence. The difficulty to domesticate and train an animal for use varies widely depending upon the animal in question.
Games are an important diversion for the normally somber samurai caste of Rokugan. Although some clans generally prefer direct physical activities such as wrestling or other competitive pursuits, virtually everyone in the Empire plays a game of one form or another on a regular basis. Some popular games include: kemari, which involves one or more participants kicking a small ball to keep it off the ground; go, a strategic game that uses colored stones placed on a game board; letters, in which two or more individuals correspond with one another, using elaborately written letters as a sort of back-and-forth; shogi, a chess-like strategic game; and sadane, a game of trading impromptu criticisms on an agreed subject. Games Skill Rolls are typically Contested Rolls made between two individuals, each attempting to defeat the other at the game in question.
War is the purpose of all samurai, and war often results in those who are wounded but not slain. A wounded samurai is a burden on his lord, unable to perform his duties and yet still requiring resources. Those who practice medicine have the sacred task of ensuring that a samurai recovers from his wounds and can rise again to serve once more. Medicine can be used to treat many different injuries and ailments, including some spiritual ones. Specific diseases may be treated with the Disease Emphasis, although the TN for treatment will vary depending upon the disease in question. The same applies to poisons and the Antidote Emphasis. Non-human races may be treated using the Non-human Emphasis, but it must be purchased separately for each race (i.e. Nezumi Medicine, Naga Medicine, Zokujin Medicine, etc.) When you treat Wounds that an ally has suffered from damage, a successful Medicine (Wound Treatment) / Intelligence roll (TN 15) will remove one die (1k1) of Wounds from the victim. Each successful Raise on this roll allows an additional die to be rolled, but no more than one die is ever kept on such a roll. An injured individual may only benefit from a single Medicine Skill Roll per day, and each such roll made requires the use of a Medicine Kit, which allows for ten Medicine Skill Rolls before being consumed.
In a rigid hierarchical society such as the Emerald Empire, knowledge of appropriate conduct is essential for all but the most jaded and uncourth bushi. In many ways a proper code of etiquette is a defense for samurai, who can use their knowledge of how one should behave in a court setting as a shield against the manipulation of others. It can also allow them to avoid embarrassing faux pas by ensuring that they know to whom any particular concern should be addressed in the vast and often confusing Imperial bureaucracy, as well as the lesser bureaucracies maintained by the Great Clans. Etiquette is essentially the “social defense” Skill of honorable characters in Rokugan's courts. When someone tries to tempt, manipulate, or otherwise influence you (typically with skills like Courtier or Temptation), Etiquette is usually used in the ensuing Contested Roll, most often with the Courtesy Emphasis. Courtesy also allow you to offer an opinion without risking offense (at the TN chosen by the GM) or to remember important social mores that might otherwise be forgotten (TN of anywhere from 5 to 20, depending on obscurity). The Bureaucracy Emphasis is used when trying to maneuver through governmental channels appropriately, such as trying to arrange a meeting with someone of high Status (the Imperial bureaucracy is notoriously difficult to navigate). Conversation allows you to determine an appropriate, non-offensive topic for discussion (TN 15+).
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