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Name:Shiba Koshiro

Theme Song:The Night King - Ramin Djawadi



As Child of a proud Shiba household it was clear for his partents that Koshiro would inherent their position as honorful members of the Elemental Legions. Therefore it was a great hit for their pride when their Son turned out to be a major disaapointment and found more intrest in books and scrolls then in tactics and swordplay. Koshiro, being everthing his father saw as weakness, strived for a positon that was more inline with his intrests and with the aid of his uncle and because of his high intelect he bested the attempts of his fater to enlist him into the Shiba schooll and was able to start learning the ways of the Asako scholar at the great Library of the Asako clan.

After the day of Second Thunder:

When the tragedy of the Second day of Thunder happend Khoshiro was still in training. With his master, he had recently visited the crab lands, in an attempt to gather more knowlegde concerning the defense against the shadowlanbds from the Kuni so that the Asako library could keep their records accurate. When the news of the defeat and the destruction of most of the Phoenix forces where delivered, the remainging scholars of the library started to prepare for the inevitable conflict. Shortly after Koshiro, despite being very young and still in training, was enlisted into the defense force because of his great knowledge about effective defenses against the shadowland creatures and helped to set up the primary lines of defense for the comming conflicts.

The defense held but eventually the Asako Library could not stomach the onslaught of the enemy forces anymore and after many sucessful years the line broke and the city was overun by the enemy. Terrefied by the events that he was part of during the fall of the library Koshiro spent and long time in hiding before he started to search fo surivors of the assault while trying to hide and often struggleing to find food and water while avoiding the enemy search parties. But eventually he had to realize that with each day he the danger of being captured increased as long as he stayed in one place and so he had to abbandon his search and move away from the lands that are were familiar for him.

The Resistance:

Away from his homeland. Allways hiding from enemies and having learned to distrust even the friendliest face Koshiro now only relied on his own intelect. He was lost but was set on keeping hidden what never should happend. With that in mind he tried to surrive to the best of his ability but eventually was forced to accept help from local pesants and eventually ended up at the resistance HQ. Happy to finaly being able to clean himself regularly and take care of his apprearance, he grudgingly endured these insulting procedures they called security and after a month was finaly cleared to enter the castle. This was 5 years ago and since then Koshiro has found himself to return to his studies of the defense against the shadowlands. This time in service of the resistance, in the hope that that at some point there will be a chance to end the war and enabling the people of the empire to move on, while rewarding his participation and achievements during it.

It is very important for Koshiro that people know about his work and knowlegde. He is ver talkative and fast to join any conversation about a topic he even as just a bit of knowlegde about exspecially if it enables him to impress girls and women he concideres beautiful. In combination with that he always wears clean cloths and sometimes can be seen speaking to himself. In rare ocasions he can get mesmerized by his own relfection and needs to be spoken to repeatatly to snap out of it.

He is generally friendly and always willing to help others out when they come with questions, even if it really is only because it gives him a chance to display his intelect and knowlegde base.

Coordinates the curriculum for the teachings in the castle together with Asahina Kairi.

Holds history lessons(History of the Crane Clann) for Shinjo Kurosawa.

Exchanges and discusses research results and data with his fellow researcher Narumi on a regular basis.

“Knowlegde is a gift and a burden. Once you know what the enemy is capable of you never can really trust anyone with all your heart again.”

“How can we ever be 100% sure that we are not allready are infilrated by the shadowlands forces?”

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