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Name: Kuzen

Age: 28

Clan: Ronin

Biographical Information: The only son of the ronin Akiyama and Nanami, he grew up assisting in the background of his parents work as they served as bodyguards, soldiers, and whatever odd work would be offered to ronin throughout the northern part of Rokugan. They taught him much of the ways of the world, of honor, and how to survive. This came to its greatest test during the Clan Wars when they joined up with Toturi's Army, fighting at the Battle of Beiden Pass and more. A young Kuzen assisted around the camp while picking up what he could from the other ronin and even some of the Dragon samurai.

When the Second Day of Thunder occurred, Kuzen's father never made it out of 

Otosan Uchi when the Dark Kami rose triumphant. His mother died as part of the rearguard, dying to allow others to escape in her place. Her final act was to thrust her daisho into his hands and tell him that it was his time now. Kuzen left the battlefield without a backwards glance, knowing full well to stay was to die. For the next fourteen years he drifted, doing odd work for remote villages and small towns. Sometimes a bodyguard, sometimes a laborer, or other times a tool of intimidation. The only line he drew was against banditry, such actions were never justified in his view. From time to time, he encountered other ronin in similar straights and traveled with them for a time, keeping his relationship professional and never looking back when they died or their paths diverged.

Then last year something changed in him, some force seemed to possess him and drove 

him to the south. Where once he avoided clustering around many people, now something pushed him onwards towards it. He joined up with the Resistance, and this time he is not going to abandon anyone.

Noticeable Characteristics (Physical Description/Ads/Disads): A rough looking man with unshaven face and unkempt hair, tucked underneath a well-worn jingasa. Dark circles seem to hang around his eyes, an alert focus giving them a ready edge. He wears a dark brown kimono and a straw cloak, helping to obscure his form.


Shiba Nichie - One of the people Kuzen arrived with about a year ago and takes a protective role towards. He defers to her on spiritual and mystical matters.

Ikoma Chiaki - One of the people Kuzen arrived with about a year ago and takes a protective role towards. He defers to her in social situations and to understand interacting with people.

Potential Story/Plot Hooks: -Kuzen was attached to Toturi's Army during the Clan War, therefore he may have encountered people who were with Toturi's Army during this time period.

-Kuzen spent fourteen years wandering the Empire as a sword for hire, samurai may have hired or worked with him during this time.

-Kuzen's daisho belonged to his mother, who was once part of a clan, though he personally is ignorant of the details.

-He arrived in Kyuden Ashingabachi one year ago and as far as he's concerned, he knows better than you do.

Quotes: “Never choose a battle you cannot win.”

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