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Kaiu Etsuko

“Come in child, you block the entrance to my forge. What's that? You protest being called child? The very objection marks you worthy of the appellation, I should think. But enough, I know you have not come to hear an old woman prattle on. Weapons, armour, tools of warfare; how would I assist you in taking the lives of others this day? You need not look so surprised, not all who create blades revel in their purpose. Now then, stand up straight, let me get a good look at you. Mmm, it seems the kami have blessed you this day; I have just the thing for someone your size. Here we are. Just yesterday was this completed. This slight fluke here provides a counterbalance allowing faster return to form after thrusting, and varying the density of the rivets further down the langet is what gives it both heavier and more precise heft. Take it to the yard, see if the rondel is adequately situated, and I shall see you back here. And samurai-san; please remain safe.”

Age: 60
School: Kaiu Engineer

Notable Characteristics

Etsuko is usually dressed comfortably and casually, her silver hair tied back into a loose bun and a well-used kimono showing signs of slight fire damage. She bears the mon of the Kaiu and Crab both in equal prominence, their presence vaguely muted in deference to the old woman's convictions. She walks with a slight limp in her left leg, though it is unclear whether this is due to previous injury or merely age. She is very rarely seen without her finely-wrought steel pipe lit, though it appears that her habit does not extend into addiction.


  • Tsi Kenji - Disciple of her oldest and most trusted friend.
  • Tsuruchi Yashiro - Capable scout that guided Etsuko into the Resistance and became a fast friend. The two share a similarly pragmatic outlook with regards to bushido, societal progress and the significance of birthright.
  • Eisai - A strange monk that Etsuko chanced upon whilst wandering the castle.
  • Doji Sachio - Collector of stories that showed interest in hearing Etsuko's tales of yore.
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