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Name: Jirozame Shinkai

Age: 32 [Deceased]

Clan: Shark

Current Theme: You're listening to it.

The Past:

Father: Daidoji Furo, 47, dead at 33. Doji Courtier. A man filled with disappointment for the son he had rather than the son that he was borne. Now he's a dead man, likely at the hands of Hoturi the Heartless. Did he deserve to die for the crime of being a bad father? Probably not. Will I lose any sleep over it? Probably not.

Mother: Daidoji nee Kakita Kuren, 42, dead at 28. Kakita Bushi. A woman who loved her son, despite her husband and despite her son. She was beautiful, strong, and above all else, she was the one who brought me life. She tried her best to teach me the ways of bushido, to make the Crane proud, to continue the legacy of her line. I failed her in the ways of bushido, but I still continue the legacy of her line. One day, we will be reunited…I can only hope father is in a better mood.

Wife: Jirozame Ogigata, 32, presumed dead at 20. She was my wife and my friend…and now she's gone. In the quiet moments, I can still hear her voice, whispering out to me, her soft breath on my neck. I walk the sands of memory in my dreams to find her, stepping along the beaches of time as I follow her footprints into the future. One day, I'll catch up and we can rebuild our home near the sands…but until then, I stride.

The Present: This castle is even worse than I thought. I've seen ants less crowded in their hills than everyone trying to squeeze into this place. At least it's high and should withstand attack for awhile. Might not be too bad a place to stop and take a rest, at least for now. If Jinsei was right they could use my help anyway and some food in my belly and some faces to look at other than these…cousins…would be nice. At least I'll get practice in with my bow and not have to worry about some idiot coming along and interrupting by trying to tear out my throat with his mouth-hand.

First Impressions: Shinkai appears to be a relatively average looking Rokugani man. He is not particularly tall and is of wiry build. His shoulder length black hair is starting to develop some grey, though he does seem a bit young for such a thing to be happening. Perhaps it is the stress. He wears a relatively trimmed beard and moustache. His eyes are a common brown-black, frequently darting this way and that to look around at his surroundings. If not in his suit of battered light grey scouting armor, he's clad in a travelling clothes that look about a decade out of fashion.

Notable Advantages/Disadvantages: Disbeliever, Infamous

Opinions on Bushido:

Jin - Best saved for your friends, not your enemies. They will show you none.

Yu - Bravery is fine. Stupidity is not.

Rei - Your enemy is your enemy regardless how nice you are to him.

Chugo - Loyalty to ones friends and those who truly share your intentions is admirable. Blind loyalty turns you into a Lion.

Gi - Always be honest with yourself and your enemies when it is convenient. Justice isn't blind.

Meyo - Follow your code as best as you can. The world has no room for anything else.

Makoto - Do everything that you can the best that you can. Otherwise, it isn't worth doing.


Shinjo Kurosawa

This kid is full of the youthful optimism about the world that is going to get him killed one day, if I don't shoot him first. He's alright enough, just too impulsive and that can be a liability. At least he has good taste in food. One of these days, I'll sit down with him and talk about how the world really works, but until then he can keep his illusions, I suppose.

Jirozame Mako

Another kid, this one with a bigger mouth than Kurosawa. He talks about how he's the Shark, but how much of that is due to try to put on a strong front and how much is clinging to what clan identity he has left, I can't tell. Supposed to be damn good with a sword, but I haven't seen it yet. Hell of a left hook, though.

Ikoma Chiaki

Damn Lion. At least she can shoot. Hope she can keep her mouth shut about what she sees.


Sensible woman. Pretty sure she's a Scorpion, but I haven't pushed the issue. Not my place to ask questions that are unwelcome until it becomes a problem. Sneakier than me, probably almost as good a shot.

Tsuruchi Yashiro

Another scout and pretty damn good. Better than me with a bow, but he's a Wasp so I can't complain. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders and hasn't done anything to piss me off too bad.


Don't know alot about him other than he's one of those “Bushido!” types.


Tough son of a bitch. Seen him take enough arrows and sword blows to put down three men but he kept on going. If he wants to keep coming on scouting missions, I'm glad to have him between the enemies and myself.


“The last breath you take will be much like the first. Make sure it carries as much weight.” - Jirozame Ogigata

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