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Name: Jirozame Mako

Age: 22

Clan: Shark

Current Theme: Linkin Park - Crawling

Biographical Information:

Father: Jirozame Jun, 43, Jirozame Bushi. Presumed alive, somewhere in the woods. A cold, calculating man who valued practicality over honor 7 days a week. Believed in minimizing risks, never starting a fight you weren't certain to win, and using sabotage/ambush to achieve victory.

Mother: Jirozame Sakiko, 41, Jirozame Bushi. Fate Unknown. Shortsighted with a shorter temper, frequently drunk, definitely took Brash as a disad.

Publicly Known: Despite never wearing a Shark Mon, Mako is not secretive about his origins. He claims to be the lone scion and inheritor of the Shark, seeing his former kin as traitors who chose to kneel to Fu Leng out of cowardice instead of taking the chance to bloody the nose of a god like a true Shark would. When the Shark split over the decision to support Fu Leng, Jun grabbed Mako and Mamimi and ran rather than fight a battle that was suddenly thrust upon him. Mako appeared in Wasp lands on the tail of a wave of Toku's followers, along with the ronin Mushorai, who Mako seems to have a one-sided rivalry with. Fuck you, old man.

Noticeable Characteristics: Large, Servant & Dependent [Mamimi, Tailor]

Mako works very hard to appear imposing. Standing at just over 6' tall, he carries himself with the kind of confidence you expect to see in a young person who has rarely encountered a problem that couldn't be brute-forced. He makes a point to wear flashy, attention-grabbing clothing–four outfits in particular, each based on one of the four seasons. He is capable of following the rules of polite society, but seems to be aping them out of long-studied habit rather than applying them internally. His smiles are discomforting and his eyes always make him look on-edge. He is not nearly as dangerous as he thinks he is.


Mako has four extravagant outfits (it is unclear whether they are stolen, original designs, or both) and they are as follows:

Winter: White and icy blue in color, with a scene of a snow-covered battlefield stitched into the back. The hems are edged with a slightly darker blue pattern resembling waves. Hakama matches in color and style.

Spring: Bright yellow and pink silk make up the kimono, with each half being one color. Hakama is striped with blues and greens of varying shades. A variety of flowers line the hem, and a scene of rainfall on a lake is stitched onto the back.

Summer: Dark red kimono with narrow, bright orange stripes Every third stripe is bright yellow. Hakama is bright green and decorated with kanji for various kinds of trees. The hems of both kimono and hakama are marked with the same wave patterns as the Winter outfit. Scene on the back is that of a burning mountain.

Autumn: An understated dark brown kimono with dark green leaves marching along the hems. Hakama is made up of leaf patterns in the various shades of Autumn leaves. Scene on the back is a spear and arrow filled tiger snarling at a tiny human figure.

Glory: A kimono in shiny yellow silk with cerulean hems in the pattern of foaming water. Hakama is striped with oranges, reds, and blues, reminiscent of a sunrise. Scene on the back is a carp jumping over a waterfall.

Victory: A neutral toned kimono in blue-gray, with irregular hems in white. Hakama is stone grey and black, patterned to resemble a stone road, with irregular red hems along the bottom. Scene on the back is a shark circling an overturned boat.

As a reward for winning the Kenjutsu tournament, Mako now owns a large hat with the red character 'cut' embroidered along all four sides to “symbolize the cut that splits all four winds” or so the judge says. It is a fine quality hat made with obvious care and very official looking. In addition, for taking the championship, Mako was gifted a custom tsuba, a black saya with the character for Grit stamped on it.

As a reward for participating in the Jiujutsu tournament, Mako now owns a red and black ribbon, which he has hanging off his obi.

Armor: Mako's suit of heavy armor has seen better days. It's scratched, scraped, dented, and about half of the mempo is missing. Truly an impressive display of how effectively it has protected him over the years.



For some reason, Mako just greatly dislikes Mushorai. He sees the old man as an obstacle to overcome, though Mushorai is more concerned about learning how to be a good person than with some angry kid a decade younger than him. He probably doesn't think much about Mako at all.

Shinjo Kurosawa

Another hotblooded, strapping young buck, Mako ran into and started butting heads with Kurosawa very shortly after joining the resistance. He sees Kurosawa's clean face, smooth features, and clan Mon and assumes he has lived a soft life. Also, he still offers worship to the Kami and Fortunes. What a loser.

Jirozame Shinaki

The only other living Shark Mako has met since the split. Mako doesn't have any strong opinions about Shinkai yet, aside from considering him only half Shark due to his Crane heritage. Definitely doesn't consider him a threat in his plan to take control of the Shark clan. lol he's fuckin' dead boyos


“ “Every living thing has a weapon against which is has no defense. Time. Disease. Iron. Guilt.” - Jirozame Jun” - Jirozame Mako

Name: Mamimi

Age: 23

Biographical Information: Mako's servant, and seems to have been so for her entire life. She is not forthcoming with details about her family, or details about much of anything. Regardless of whether or not she knew or was in contact with her family previously, she does not seem to be now.

Noticeable Characteristics: Lame

Mamimi is Mako's tailor. She has clearly lived a hard life, and as a result is cripplingly shy, refusing to speak unless given no other options and even then speaking very quietly. She has a habit of holding onto Mako's sleeve, partly to keep him between her and everything else, partly due to her attachment to him, and partly because she has a limp that makes it impossible for her to move quickly. Mamimi is rarely seen without Mako, and she is often stuck with the task of carrying his nodachi outside of combat.

Quotes: “…..” - Mamimi

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