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Name: Iori

Age: 26

Clan: Ronin

Biographical Information: Iori was the daughter of Bayushi Kazuko and Bayushi Tenno. She should have been Bayushi Iori, a proud Bushi of the clan… but that destiny was taken from her when she was but five years old. She woke up one day as Bayushi Ichiko… and left as Ichiko, a young Ronin Child. Only five years later, she was then orphaned when her parents supported Toturi the Black on the Second Day of Thunder. They perished well before the defeat was confirmed.

The story of Iori gets… hazy… after that. It would be another eight years before she truly began to make a wave in the Empire. She began offering her services as a scout to anyone who would offer coin or a bed… so long as their interests didn't align with the Corpse King. Despite this, she never stayed in one place for too long, always careful to leave as little trace of her existence as she could reasonably manage. Though she made some friends along the way, especially the Ronin Kuzen, she kept her distance.

Until three months ago when she finally appeared at the checkpoint just ahead of Kyuden Ashinigabachi. It took time for her to be allowed into the castle, but now that she is, she has promised to do whatever she can to help the efforts to save this Empire.

Noticeable Characteristics (Physical Description/Ads/Disads): A young, average height woman, Iori tries to stay out of the way as much as she can. In the city, she prefers to wear bright colors, trying to look as flashy as possible. Within the castle, she is also near never seen without her Shiba Inu pup, Aka.

Out of the castle, however, she prefers muted colors that blend in well to the forested areas of Rokugan. She is very quiet away from the castle, staying low and hidden as much as she can.

Quotes: “We do what we must. For ourselves, and for the future we wish to create.” - Iori

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