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Ikoma Chiaki

Basic Information

Clan: Lion1)

Training: Ikoma Omoidasu2)

Age: Are you asking?3)

Height: 5'3“ish

Arrival at the Castle of the Wasp: 1 Year ago

Basic Description

If anyone was to notice anything about Chiaki, it would likely be her slight, almost willowly stature. Her years in the wilderness have clearly not been filled with an excess of food and her skin is usually quite pale, despite the traveling she must have done over the years. Her long dark brown hair generally sits in a simple neat foxtail and she always carries a fan in her Obi.

The second thing people may notice is her musical voice, as she is often putting it to good use making friends or telling stories, abilities that likely served her well in her travels.



What Ikoma Chiaki remembers of the first four years of her life would of been considered normal throughout most - if not all - the history of the Empire. She was born to two parents, her mother - Ikoma Asuka - was a respected bushi and capable duelists of the Akodo tradition and her father - Ikoma Ichigaki - was a much loved omoidasu.

That all changed when her parents and a few others decided they couldn't serve the Dark Emperor with the rest of their clan and protested the action while her father remained behind to ensure that their actions couldn't be undermined and corrupted by the new Emperor and his servants.


Kunzen - arrived together

Shiba Nichie - arrived together


As much as any Resistance member can be
Ikoma Bard
Actual answer is 19
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