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Name: Horiuchi Temujin, of the Unicorn, of the Burning Sands.

Age: 28

Clan: Unicorn

Current Theme: Civ 6 - Urtin Duu

Biographical Information:

Temujin's family perished during the Clan War, leaving him orphaned at a young age. Shuttled back behind to safe lines, he immigrated to the Burning Sands with the rest of the Unicorn after the disastrous second day of thunder. Adopted into the Horiuchi, despite lacking a connection to the Kami, he was allowed to continue training in the ways of the Vindicator, in order for the family to have members to defend their shugenja and as a nod to his heritage. He was a somewhat troubled youth, growing up as an outsider among outsiders. He was at the center of many a brawl, started by him or no, and quickly became known as a man to rely on in a fight. These traits stood out to his sensei, and were refined to bring about the warrior that exists today, who fights with fury and dedication which has been focused to a destructive point. As he grew into his late teens, Temujin felt the need to return to Rokugan, to fight to reclaim the land of the Unicorn from the jaws of the enemy, and to search out his foe, the Dark Moto. In a surprising change of pace, he began embracing the culture of the land he barely knew. He began to use his Katana instead of a Scimitar, studied engineering and medicine, and even began to lightly practice poetry. Immersed in a Gaijin Culture, and trained by the Moto, he emerged as an adult with a healthy respect and outlook on Rokugani traditions. With news of a group of Unicorn forming an expeditionary force, Temujin signed up with his blood brothers, Utaku Jamukha and Ide Toghrul, to set off to Rokugan and link up with a “resistance”.

Publicly Known:

From the Burning Sands.

Has broken the jaw of a Magistrate in a dispute.

Won 2nd place in the Kenjutsu Tournament.

Made an Ikoma judge cry during the Poetry tournament.

Noticeable Characteristics:


Dark Brown Hair

Brown Eyes

Quite Hairy

A mountain of a man, Temujin towers over most, with corded muscle and hairy arms. On his skin lie great scars, mementos of battles and trials long past. Temujin's face is mangled by great scars, obtained by a fight with a Bear. Temujin usually wears his hair into a loose ponytail, with moderate to long length. For special occasions he might braid it and ornament it with ties of cloth.


Temujin is usually wearing a sturdy brown robe while wandering around the castle, with a rough Unicorn mon emblazoning the back. He usually bears some accessories of his Moto ancestry. An arm bangle fashioned from the tail hairs of his horse, White Hare is of personal significance.

Temujin's armor is heavy and battleworn, with the uncommon lining of leather utilized in it's construction. It is painted with a dark purple lacquer and features light and dark brown features.


One standard Daisho, with features of purple and golden brown on the saya. It is well kept and polished.

One old and decrepit Scimitar with scabbard. It bears the symbol of the Moto and Temujin does not allow others to touch it. It is rarely if ever drawn.

One Zanbato, a heavy and brutal looking slab of metal fashioned into a blade. It bears no distinct markings, and looks heavily worn.

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