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Horiuchi Sasayaki

Unicorn Clan Vindicator

Age: 27

Known Features: -Large -Ascetic


His story is one of tragedy, not of fate or by design, but by his own hand. As a child he grew very close to his grandmother, her being the one who raised him while his parents were constantly on duty. While he was still young, only 3 years old, his parents had a fight that could not be resolved. The daimyo split the marriage in effort to calm the tension, to no avail, neither could stand each other and it tore the kid up for years after.

When he was just 10 his grandmother died suddenly. It was the cause of a shift in his personality of complete proportion. He became withdrawn, bitter, angry. He blamed the Kami, cursing them and refusing to believe in ‘gods’ who would allow such a thing to happen. So he ran.

At 14 he ran. Straight to the front lines, signing up for the most insane missions he could. People called him brave, fearless, but it was not bravery- it was disregard for his own life. He simply did not care. About himself, about others, he had lost the ability to feel, sealing himself up inside so he would never be hurt like that again. He was constantly in fights, never capable of controlling his temper. His anger scared his mentors and was palpable in the air around him. He had gained a reputation for being one of the most angry in his school, and none dared challenge him- he never fought fair, and never lost because of it. The damage he would cause in a fight made the next person hesitate. He did not care, and it was very obvious.

He drank, he womanized. He was an awful person, impossible to love. He lost anyone he ever called friend, as he one by one drove them away. He was incapable of caring they were leaving. He simply wrote them off as “worthless to me if they can not deal.”

He continued to be this way, never stopping his rage, his hate, his disbelief until he met her. He was 20, and she appeared out of nowhere, rocking his world and changing his world view. At first he was terrible to her, borderline abusive in word and emotion- never physically, and she was patient with him for years. Slowly her patience and ability to care for others changed him. He began to relax, began to forgive.

Then she was born. His daughter changed him completely. He finally understood what real love was, and was finally able to open up, to drop his guard, his walls, and to allow himself to care. He loved her more than anything, finally able to care enough that he would die for another. Able to set aside himself for her, to try to be the hero she should have.

He never could relax entirely, and sometimes would relapse in fits of anger. He would fight with his wife, so callous it would later haunt him. It was in one of these moments he made the worst mistake of his life. They were fighting over his leaving. She begged him to stay with her, that she felt something horrible was coming. This angered him, as the only thing he had ever really had to be proud of before them was his duty. “Silence!” he had shouted at her, “I will not have you speak against my task ahead, and have you doubt my ability!”shouted as he stormed away to his horse and left.

It was the last time they spoke.

Since then he has known nothing but war. He has made a few friends along the way, even managed to trust someone again, but only time will tell what fate has in store for him.


Isawa Ryuichi - Met one the field when fighting a big nasty oni. Through the combined actions of the 4 of us (Kairi and Boruda as well) the oni was defeated. We went on to fight together for a long time, and have gained trust thru it.

Asahina Kairi - Met at the same time as Ryuichi, and in the same way. The pair of shugenja came to the aid of the pair of bushi and were enough combined to take it down. We fought along side and also gained trust and friendship.

Hida Boruda - Sasayaki’s oldest and closest friend. They fought beside each other for years, never quitting on each other, never giving up on each other. The trust here is absolute and Sasa would do anything for his friend.

Fu - The monk has gotten close to Sasa, despite sasa’s complete lack of belief in the Fortunes. The monk has become a trusted advisor of sorts, his wisdom always shining light to help sasa find the path.

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