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Hida Hirō

Clan: Crab

Profession: Smasher of bad stuffs

Background: 15 years ago Hirō killed his first goblin. He was 13 at the time, still training for his gempukku when a force of shadowlands creatures overran the wall before heading straight to Otusan Uchi. With the majority of Crab forces away on the campaign it was all hands on deck, even the students, and so it was that the young Hirō found himself winded, wounded and ecstatic as he knelt by the grey skinned corpse of one of his ancestral enemies. The enjoyment was not to last however. Soon after, the second day of Thunder happened and before long the lands of the crab were embroiled in constant war. Hirō was given a rushed gempukku ceremony and sent out to fight alongside the other soldiers.

It was a time of great sorrow and violence.

When the foul emperor finally marshalled all his troops and gave them orders to march on the crab lands Hirō fought valiantly alongside his clanmates, first from their fortified positions, then as part of guerilla resistance that continued to harry the forces of darkness. Despite the continued tragedy of the period there were some brighter spots, he found someone to care for and was even married in a stipped down ceremony in the twilight mountains.

More to follow…

Notable Characteristics: It is hard to miss Hirō. He stands some inches higher than most everyone and usually outweighs them as well. Matched with the fact that he is seldom seen without his heavy armour and massive axe and it is easy to see why he would stick out. Beneath the lacquered armour and grinning mempo one finds a man that seems to be in his late 20s. He has given up on the standard topknot and instead favours his hair in a ponytail, cutting short whenever he’s had enough of it. There is a small well trimmed mustache, along with some stubble that he tries to maintain, but which also tends to grow out somewhat during days with more pressing matters. His face bears the marks of years worth of combat, a nose broken more than once as well as smaller scars. When not engaged in conversation a small frown tends to sneak across his features, though when he is conversing he is more relaxed and even prone to smiling. His body language is measured and precise, he avoids excess movement and fidgeting, however at times he can tend to shiver without cause, which is perhaps even more eye-catching because it is so different from his other mannerisms. Advantages/Disadvantages: Large

Connections: Asahina Kairi - For the last few years Hirō has been part of a small group of samurai who have operated in the areas surrounding Kyuden Ashinagabachi. During this time Hirō learned that there was a doctor from the Crane clan who might be able to help him understand and treat his unique condition. Given the restrictions on the resistance he has never had a chance to meet her, but they have corresponded over time and she has helped instruct him in some techniques he can use if he feels an incident approaching as well as some rudimentary medical skills that he has put to use in the field.

Iori - Hirō and Iori have worked together some years past, when she took a commission as a scout for the crab forces. Though they never got closely acquainted he knows something of her expertise and admires her for being willing to accept such a dangerous job even if she did it for coin.

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