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Name: Eisai

Age: Early 20?

Clan: None

School: ???

Current Theme: Neil Cicierega - T.I.M.E.

“You are always blind to your truest enemy, for he is behind your eyes.”
~ The Tao of Shinsei ~

Skin is covered by an expansive network of ire zumi.
Eyes are a milky, murky color, lacking focus, framed by dark, sleepless circles.
Posture is poor, slightly hunched, and stilted.
Rumored to be blessed with a preternatural foresight.
Rumored to be afflicted with constant fits of madness.
Usually carrying a small scroll satchel and a long walking stick.

Came to the Resistance stronghold from the Dragon mountains sometime ago. A lot of time prior was spent moving from shrine to shrine within the provinces of other Clans, as the Nothing's stranglehold slowly branched out from the High House of Light and consumed the rest of Rokugan in various fashions. Perhaps a year ago, Eisai made it to Kyuden Ashinagabachi after several years of wandering. At first it was difficult to tell madness from Taint from just unusual behavior and insight, but eventually it was decided the monk could stay. Now, Eisai spends a lot of time on painting, maps, calligraphy, and meditating within the various temples of the castle. Otherwise, the order of the day seems to be reading within the libraries found in Kyuden Ashinagabachi, though how exactly this is accomplished is unclear.

Kira - Eisai's sensei.
Etsuji - Often found 'watching' the followers of the Path of Shinjitsu.

Mushorai - A bandit Eisai encountered in the past.
Kuni Akane - The occasional conversation partner.

  • “Some quote about Shinobu here.” - Person
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