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Doji Sachio

Age: 31

Clan: Crane

Profession: Artist and architect


The young man who would be Doji Sachio never always thought he’d end up a minor bureaucrat in the ranks of the Crane. He expected to be sent to the Doji Academy as his kin were, despite having little interest in the life of a courtier. There he’d diligently study the more tangible aspects of administration in the Empire and get sent off to some quiet place to serve out his days.

Alas, his parents, seeing his skill with the arts and with numbers, arranged to send him to the Kakita Academy instead, where he proved a diligent if middle-of-the-road student. He found himself dabbling in all of the Rokugani arts, though excelling mostly in the telling of tales, a strange twist considering his usual focus on more tangible pursuits.

It was at the Kakita Academy that he developed an interest in a distant ancestor of his, a famed architect who helped define many of the conventions of Rokugani architecture still used to this day. While not part of the Academy’s core curriculum, sums and engineering captured the young Crane’s fascination. Sachio, of course, took this ancestor’s name to honor him when he passed his gempukku. He returned home to serve as the family’s artisan, performing adequately (though some claimed he seemed to lack a certain spark of inspiration), but that didn’t last for long.

Sachio had been accompanying his family on a journey south toward the Asahina lands, their lord hoping to strengthen ties with one of the Asahina provincial daimyos, when the Obsidian Legions attacked; in one of these strikes, the young man’s family were all wiped out, with his own life spared only because he was pulled to safety by one of the Iron Warriors accompanying them. Sachio found safety in Shinden Asahina, as well as reconnecting with his cousin, Asahina Kairi, finding some relief amidst the terror. But as they watched the fields beyond the city burn, their Daidoji defenders knew their days were numbered.

After a failed naval evacuation foiled by treacherous Lost and waterborne Oni, their craft ran aground not too far from Shinden Asahina, and what began was a years-long process of grimly making their way through Rokugan, alternating between hiding, fleeing, and disguising themselves to pass through to safety. Their tireless Daidoji guide saw them through, after years of flight, to the Castle of the Wasp.

Life at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, in its current form, would have been unthinkable to the old Sachio, but it was a different world… and so he used his passion for architecture to help in the upkeep of the castle structure itself, as well as scribing and whatever bureaucratic matters he could be of aid with. In the meantime, he found himself with a source of inspiration that he’d never known before. The yearning for the world and the life that had been before, tempered by the horrors he had witnessed on the outside. This, mixed with plenty of meditating on what of the old world led to this state of things.

Now the long hours of his work, whether creating art or tending to more mundane matters at the castle, provide him with plenty of time to contemplate things. Faith, the old order, what will come next… and in this, he finds inspiration in the ancient art of kintsugi. In repairing broken pottery with gold to fill the cracks, one does not bother creating a sterile, perfect copy of what was broken. One fixes it and honors what it was, while acknowledging the old flaws. In so doing they create a new thing of beauty.

Notable Characteristics:

In his day-to-day life Sachio wears a simple, rugged kimono and haori, and keeps his hair up in a messy topknot, just so it's out of the way. He's usually seen carrying a large satchel full of art supplies and engineering tools, and when he's not busy with whatever task he's seeing to, he's trying to sneak in some time practicing one of his arts, or working on a commission.

At formal occasions he wears some of the extravagant robes he's managed to hold on to, and pulls out all the stops to look “proper.”


Asahina Kairi - Cousin, now nearest kin. It was during a visit to Kairi's family that Sachio's was killed by agents of the Obsidian Throne, and she and her father became the only family Sachio had. Their desperate flight and years of struggle have left a mark on them all, but they've also cemented Kairi as a true sister to Sachio. He may tease her for her positive outlook, and wish she'd learn some more flexibility in this strange new world, but he's devoted to Kairi's well-being.

Shinjo Kurosawa - Cousin through Kairi. Sachio met Kurosawa when he first arrived at the castle, and instantly became irritated with the headstrong, uncultured boy. Still, kin was kin, and when the young lad came to him asking to learn proper samurai etiquette, Sachio could not deny him the opportunity. While he often disapproves of Kurosawa's antics, he hopes learning more of proper protocol and bearing will help the boy navigate the complex environment of castle life.


“It is so.”

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