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Line 18: Line 18:
 [[asahina_kairi|Asahina Kairi]] [[asahina_kairi|Asahina Kairi]]
 +[[shinjo_kurosawa|Asahina Kurosawa]]
 [[daidoji_sayaka|Daidoji Sayaka]] [[daidoji_sayaka|Daidoji Sayaka]]
 +[[daidoji_tadao|Daidoji Tadao]]
 [[doji_sachio|Doji Sachio]] [[doji_sachio|Doji Sachio]]
 +[[doji_yukiko|Doji Yukiko]]
 [[eisai|Eisai]] [[eisai|Eisai]]
Line 27: Line 33:
 [[Fu|Fu]] [[Fu|Fu]]
-[[horiuchi temujin|Horiuchi Temujin]]+[[hida_hiro|Hida Hiro]]
 [[Iori|Iori]] [[Iori|Iori]]
Line 34: Line 40:
 [[jirozame_mako|Jirozame Mako]] [[jirozame_mako|Jirozame Mako]]
-[[kaiu_etsuko|Kaiu Etsuko]] 
-[[Kitsuki Shion|]] 
-[[kitsune_shinobu|Kitsune Shinobu]] 
-[[kuni_akane|Kuni Akane]] 
-[[Kuni Tachiko|Kuni Tachiko]] 
 [[kuzen|Kuzen]] [[kuzen|Kuzen]]
Line 51: Line 47:
 [[narumi|Narumi]] [[narumi|Narumi]]
-[[shiba_koshiro|Shiba Koshiro]]+[[otaku_kotori|Otaku Kotori]]
 [[shiba_nichie|Shiba Nichie]] [[shiba_nichie|Shiba Nichie]]
-[[shinjo_kurosawa|Shinjo Kurosawa]] 
-[[shosuro_gaijutsu|Shosuro Gaijutsu]] ​ 
 [[tsi_kenji|Tsi Kenji]] [[tsi_kenji|Tsi Kenji]]
 [[tsuruchi_yashiro|Tsuruchi Yashiro]] [[tsuruchi_yashiro|Tsuruchi Yashiro]]
-[[yotsu_goon|Yotsu Goon]] 
-[[Tsuruchi Sadake]] 
 ============================================ ============================================
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