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Notable NPCs

Tsuruchi - Daimyo of Wasp Castle. Born from a Lion and Scorpion, Tsuruchi is the the founder of the Wasp Clan, a minor Clan that before Fu Leng's victory was regarded as a strange offshoot of its founder's anti-traditional beliefs. He maintains control of the last refuge of the Rebellion in the northern half of the Empire.

Toku - Ronin of great skill and honor, raised to leadership by the orders of Toturi the Black and given leave to train those willing to learn from him. Has a following in the castle of his devotees as the castle is his home and dojo for the time being.

Daidoji Uji - The Last Crane. Almost. Functionally the Crane Clan Champion following their destruction at the hands of Hoturi. The remaining Crane forces number in the hundreds if not dozens meaning the majority of Daidoji Uji's time is spent keeping his family from following into extinction. Maintains a dojo training those who remain in the art of sabotage.

Daigotsu - Crazed Maho-Tsukai of extreme power. Hates Fu Leng. Considered untrustworthy given his penchant for killing innocents and raising hordes of foul undead.

Tsuruchi Terao (deceased) - The head of the scout teams for Castle Wasp. Almost always busy with paperwork, though he tries to get out of the castle from time to time.

Kuni Seishiro (deceased) - A shugenja of some repute for his ability at fortunetelling and astute powers of observation on all things tainted. Officiates most weddings.

Hanako - A short mysterious ronin woman. She doesn't share information about herself or her past easily.

Yoritomo Kasaihime

Active PCs

Deceased PCs:

Jirozame Shinkai : Bravely sacrificed himself to destroy a Centipede Oni by setting off a demolition charge point blank while in the mandibles of the creature, allowing his unit to survive.

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