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Asahina Kairi

Age: 30

Clan: Crane

Profession: Doctor and teacher


Life was supposed to be easy, at least it was for a while. The carefree years of childhood, the studying, the practicing. While times were not always good, Kairi loved the time she spent in peaceful Shinden Asahian. She expected more of the same after her gempukku; a position in research or healing perhaps. Why not both? Her samurai career already seemed seemed to be heading that way, it only seemed right that she would end up on that path.

And so she did, at least for a while, after her gempukku. She enjoyed a short stint in the libraries of the Asahina, quiet days of reading then followed. Then came the day when her clan champion faced off against Fu Leng along with the other Thunders. Many prayers were said for his victory and safe return. He returned alright, but not to celebration. It became clear what was happening only after many Crane lost their lives at his hands. It was said that Hoturi took particular pleasure in destroying the pacifistic Asahina, but Kairi couldn't say. Her father got her to relative safety after much of the family was destroyed, Kairi's mother being one of the ones lost.

Years were then spent in hiding and in disguise. Moving from one village to the next to stay ahead of the Obsidian Legions and Hoturi. Posing as peasants. Helping where they could. Fighting when necessary.

Being brought to Kyuden Ashinagabachi was the best fortune Kairi and her father could have at the time. They were safe finally. It didn't matter to them to worry about for how long. Kairi's eyesight had been steadily declining, making her rely on her father more and more. Being nearsighted in the safety of the castle did not lead to her being hurt or getting killed by something, so she was able to flourish. She learned traditional, non-magical medicine to help wounded resistance members. The art of Mizu-do was passed to her so its tradition and techniques would not die. Much of Kairi's time was spent as a doctor and looking after whatever children the castle held. Soon she was also teaching the children, both in academic curriculum and in some instances, in unarmed combat.

Time passed and a new normal was found. Throughout this time, Kairi was urged to not speak to the kami as it was too dangerous for her to do so. Her father made sure she understood how dangerous it was, and while she felt too sheltered at times, the fear had been placed in her. The kami could still be heard all around her, but there was also always something else there. She relied more on her tangible skills and only prayed to the kami for help when necessary.

Kairi has worked day in and day out, forgoing the finery she would have enjoyed not too long ago. Things were different now. So was she.

Notable Characteristics:

At one point Kairi would have been considered quite pretty; with the right makeup, clothes, and hairstyle. With all of the gone it's safe to just describe her as mostly just “lovely”. This of course is the polite way of saying she doesn't spend much time on the upkeep of her appearance. She is almost constantly squinting because of her nearsightedness, which she was told would clear up on its own. She believed it.


Shiba Koshiro - Fellow teacher. Both have spent years at the castle and in that time have worked together on education curriculum.

Shinjo Kurosawa - Cousin. Kairi's father's brother married into the Unicorn and along came Kurosawa.

Ide Toghrul - Cousin by marriage. Toghrul is married to her cousin, Shinjo Kurosawa's older sister.

Shiba Nichie - This quiet shugenja came to the castle wounded with her sensei. Kairi was able to help them both get back on their feet. Now they pool healing resources.

Narumi - Regularly shares her research with this enigmatic ronin. Kairi enjoys forming research groups with her and Shiba Koshiro.


“To do what we must.”

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